The Elite Carbon System Was Built To Change Cold Air Intake Systems

Our Elite Carbon Series uses carbon fiber throughout the cold air intake system to provide all the benefits and engineering of the highest grade materials. Carbon fiber is used in a variety of high performing automotive applications for a reason. The strength, temperature control, rigidity, and light weight make the ideal components for high performing parts. The whole system is engineered to be the ideal fit for the application. With the dyno testing and proven performance gains, the system is true to Cold Air Inductions history of exceeding the OEM manufacturer requirements. Everything from air tubes, to sensor ports, and PCV attachments are fitted to work without tuning. The same is true for the Elite Carbon Series.
The air box is designed for reduced weight and more efficient heat control. Using carbon fiber, the air pulled into the engine stays colder and the air box as a whole is significantly lighter. This allows for the best possible airflow and is ensured by rigorous testing. Using dyno and thermal testing, the whole system has been optimized by strict research and development. The engineering extends from the fasteners and seals to the surface area versus airflow relationship of the filter for the complete package in high-performance aftermarket cold air intake systems. The air tubes are coated in epoxy binding layers of carbon fiber for the most rigid and smooth for ideal air flow. Any air tube fitting is stainless steel and gasketed for the most secure and long-lasting seal. The plexiglass viewing window is a multifunctional design aspect that allows for a unique styling and a clear vantage point to ensure the air filter is clean. As a highly tuned cold air intake system, The Elite Carbon systems are built to be the pinnacle of any cold air intake on the market for a bolt-on system.