Cold Air Inductions Camaro6 Dragstrip Comparison

Some people use a chassis dyno to test the difference a COLD AIR INDUCTIONS CAMARO6 AIR INTAKE SYSTEM, but the guys at BAD BOWTIE PRODUCTIONS have taken things a step further and put us to the test on a drag strip. This tests the true improvement in acceleration, which is one of the main reasons people buy a cold air intake system, along with the desire to have a throaty, performance air-intake sound, improved looks under the hood, and a lifetime, re-usable air filter.

The Bad Bow Tie 2016 Camaro SS test mule had no other modifications, not even a performance tune on the ECU. They took the car to Gateway Motorsports Park near St. Louis to do the dragstrip testing. Watch the video to see the car in action, and the quicker dragstrip results they achieved using a Cold Air Inductions system.

To baseline the Camaro, they made three back-to-back passes. The results were:

12.032 seconds at 116.54 mph

12.017 seconds at 117.87 mph

11.995 seconds at 117.72 mph

This gave the 6th Gen an average elapsed time (e/t) of 12.015 and average quarter-mile speed of 117.38 – good numbers for a bone stock Camaro.

After letting the car cool for an hour, the Bad Bowtie Productions crew got busy, and with basic hand tools install the Cold Air Inductions Camaro 6 system in about 15 minutes. Once finished, they took the car back to the starting line

The results:

11.919 seconds at 117.82 mph

11.948 seconds at 117.03 mph

11.932 seconds at 117.81 mph

The average e/t of 11.933 is nearly a tenth of a second quicker! If you’re not a lifetime drag racer, that may not sound like a huge improvement, but to give you an idea, you typically have to add 10 horsepower to the engine or remove 100 pounds from the vehicle in order to pick up a tenth of a second on the e/t. That’s a great gain, especially from something as simple as installing a Cold Air Inductions intake system that doesn’t require any other engine modifications, not even a performance tune on the ECU.

Why Does My Camaro6’s Cold-Air Intake Whistle?

We’ve been seeing quite a bit of chatter on and other Camaro forums about a whistle people have mentioned has come after installing a cold-air intake on their new Camaro SS. Right now, all those comments are pointing at Cold Air Inductions. Since we were the first to market and we’ve shipped a ton of them, chances are if someone has a cold-air intake on their 2016 Camaro, it’s one of ours.

Here’s the truth about that whistle you may or may not be hearing: It’s not in the air tube or air box at all. It’s in the factory intake manifold. In the cars we’ve tested that have the whistle, we’ve heard it at part throttle (38% throttle opening, to be exact) under mild engine load. We take quality, including sound quality, very seriously. And we do our homework before we launch a system.

So, we did validation testing and videotaped it to show that the whistle is not part of our cold-air intake system. With the factory air box in place, we ran the car on our rear-wheel dyno. Then we removed the air box altogether and videotaped it again. In both cases, you can hear the whistle – even without the air intake attached to the throttle body at all!

You may be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I notice the whistle before I installed your cold-air intake?” Good question. The answer is that you could hear it before, but it was muffled and you didn’t know when to listen. The factory air box is designed to reduce the air-intake sound, so it also reduces how the whistle transmits forward through the system. The way, it reduces sound and also causes air-flow restriction. The factory air filter is more restrictive than ours, further restricting air flow and sound. Our air intake system removes those air-flow restrictions, which also allows the sound to travel better. The other difference is that the air inlet for the factory air box is buried under the box, very low in the grille. If you put your ear near the grille where the factory air box takes in air, you would faintly hear the whistle at that part-throttle position under mild load. With our cold-air intake, the air inlet for the box is opened up, drawing air from most of the area right around the air filter. That means the whistle sound is much less restricted (muffled) and will be higher in the engine bay, making it easier to hear.

The bottom line is that the whistle is part of the factory intake manifold, not part of our cold-air intake system, or even the factory air intake, for that matter, which the videos will help demonstrate. We focus on delivering a quality system that gives you more power, better fuel economy and a performance air-intake sound when you really lean into the throttle. You can learn more about our Camaro6 cold air intake system by clicking here.