Chevrolet Trailblazer SS Gets 14 RWHP in 10 Minutes

DiabloFormulaRacing adds 14 rear-wheel horsepower with a Cold Air Inductions cold air intake. He shows that good performance isn’t just for muscle cars and trucks. The performance and fuel economy gains makes any car better to drive.


Diablo Formula Racing does something nice for his girlfriend Steph’s Trailblazer. It is an easy install that he does on a snowy day. Once he gets the stock intake out, it was easy to just set the new Cold Air Inductions air intake right in. He then bolts the new system in place as the snow starts falling again. The whole thing takes about 10 minutes for him. The sensors are all the same and the vacuum hose just goes back into the valve cover. Once he does the intake, he goes through the parts and the finished install. The Trailblazer SS sure gets a lively amount of power at the rear wheels with a 14 RWHP boost. The fuel economy will also get some modest improvements. It is a go-to improvement for a simple 10-minute job.

This truck is also not a new, off-the-lot model. This has over 150k miles and already received a lot of TLC through a rebuilt transmission, small cam upgrade, rebuilt front differential, and upgraded exhaust. The whole package has been a project for DFR. The easiest part from his Youtube videos on the TBSS has been the cold air intake system. For a performance SUV like a Trailblazer SS, the wear and tear is one thing but the reason for ownership comes when the throttle is open. This is where the Cold Air Inductions cold air intake takes the performance above what it was over 150,000 miles ago for DFR and Steph.

With any Cold Air Inductions cold air intake system, the installation instructions are in the box and available online. The instructions (like the cold air intake system) are based on that specific vehicle make and model. The instructions are based on the stock set-up of the engine bay. If you have made additional changes to the engine bay, be aware of the fit and spacing around the airbox to keep the airflow open and airbox securely mounted.

Cold Air Inductions 2017 Camaro SS Intake Install

Hammerdown Motorsports installs a new Cold Air Inductions cold air intake on a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS. After an exhaust and long tube headers, this was the third mod on the list but a large change for the new Camaro SS. Hammerdown Motorsports goes over the whole install, testing, and reactions to the upgraded cold air intake system.

2017 Camaro SS Gets The Best Air Intake On The Market

2017 Camaro SS Cold Air Intake Performance For Hammerdown Motorsports

DiabloFormulaRacing installs a 2017 Camaro SS Cold Air Inductions cold air intake system. He gives part by part feedback based on his experience with other systems on the market. Also, he gives a thorough overview on what the installed quality is for the new 2017 systems.

Diablo Formula Racing is at it on a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS. Coming from the dealer with some power, he looks for a good way to add more to Hammerdown’s white double S Camaro.  Nothing is better than more rear wheel horsepower. DFR breaks down the system from the box showing each component. He replaces the spacer in the front of the intake manifold but aside from that, just uses the parts from the box for a seemingly instant performance upgrade. Having done a few Camaros with Cold Air Induction cold air intake systems, he throws the instructions right out of the box. The car already had headers and some other upgrades. During the latter part of the video, you can hear the air going into the engine. This is a 6th gen Camaro that will be higher horsepower and with more top end torque. The video doesn’t show the side by side before and after the cold air intake install but with the extra modifications, Hammerdown will most likely be dyno testing only after some more upgrades and other projects on a well tuned 6th generation Camaro like he has. DFR estimated Hammerdown is around 440hp at the wheels with the cold air intake and the other modifications.

Gearhead Diva 5th Gen Camaro Intake System Install

Rachel Debarros of Gearhead Diva installs the 5th Gen Camaro Cold Air Inductions cold air intake.

Why Does My Camaro6’s Cold-Air Intake Whistle?

We’ve been seeing quite a bit of chatter on and other Camaro forums about a whistle people have mentioned has come after installing a cold-air intake on their new Camaro SS. Right now, all those comments are pointing at Cold Air Inductions. Since we were the first to market and we’ve shipped a ton of them, chances are if someone has a cold-air intake on their 2016 Camaro, it’s one of ours.

Here’s the truth about that whistle you may or may not be hearing: It’s not in the air tube or air box at all. It’s in the factory intake manifold. In the cars we’ve tested that have the whistle, we’ve heard it at part throttle (38% throttle opening, to be exact) under mild engine load. We take quality, including sound quality, very seriously. And we do our homework before we launch a system.

So, we did validation testing and videotaped it to show that the whistle is not part of our cold-air intake system. With the factory air box in place, we ran the car on our rear-wheel dyno. Then we removed the air box altogether and videotaped it again. In both cases, you can hear the whistle – even without the air intake attached to the throttle body at all!

You may be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I notice the whistle before I installed your cold-air intake?” Good question. The answer is that you could hear it before, but it was muffled and you didn’t know when to listen. The factory air box is designed to reduce the air-intake sound, so it also reduces how the whistle transmits forward through the system. The way, it reduces sound and also causes air-flow restriction. The factory air filter is more restrictive than ours, further restricting air flow and sound. Our air intake system removes those air-flow restrictions, which also allows the sound to travel better. The other difference is that the air inlet for the factory air box is buried under the box, very low in the grille. If you put your ear near the grille where the factory air box takes in air, you would faintly hear the whistle at that part-throttle position under mild load. With our cold-air intake, the air inlet for the box is opened up, drawing air from most of the area right around the air filter. That means the whistle sound is much less restricted (muffled) and will be higher in the engine bay, making it easier to hear.

The bottom line is that the whistle is part of the factory intake manifold, not part of our cold-air intake system, or even the factory air intake, for that matter, which the videos will help demonstrate. We focus on delivering a quality system that gives you more power, better fuel economy and a performance air-intake sound when you really lean into the throttle. You can learn more about our Camaro6 cold air intake system by clicking here.

Recent Article From GM High Tech Magazine 5th-Gen Camaro Bolt-On Mods

5th-Gen Camaro Bolt-On Mods – Mods For the Masses

When the 5th-generation Camaro finally hit dealer lots in 2009, it was clear that GM had designed a winner. Its brawny lines turned heads on the street, and new buyers bought them in droves. GM also delivered the goods when it came to the powertrain. The stock 6.2 V-8 in the manually-equipped LS3 SS model pumps out an impressive 426 horsepower and 400 horsepower in the automatic transmission-backed L99 version. That bump in power from the fourth-gen days comes in handy since these new models are over five hundred pounds heavier. Despite the Camaro putting on some weight, many owners have been able to click off low-13-second runs in the quarter bone stock with both combos.

Earlier this year we picked up a 2010 Camaro SS/RS packing the L99 engine and 6L80E automatic transmission combo. We looked for one with the slushbox because of all the time we spend in bumper-to-bumper Chicago traffic. New to us, but already sporting 6,800 miles, we just had to take advantage of the late spring weather this past April and made a bunch of bone stock passes at Great Lakes Dragaway. So just a week after purchase and armed with solicited (and unsolicited) advice on how to run strong times with this car, it took only 7 passes for us to click off an impressive 13.15 at 106.77mph, cutting a 1.95 on the stock Pirelli tires. Subsequent track outings netted similar times, but none better than that 13.15. And predictably the car slowed down as we headed into summer. Low 13’s were easy when it was 65F, but mid 13’s have become the norm now that’s it’s routinely in the 90’s. And once it got warm, our invincibility turned into apprehension when a C6 or other quick ride rolled up on us. More power was needed.

Cold Air Inductions on Two Guys Garage

Two Guys Garage looks at the 2010 V6 Camaro cold air intake install. They go through the benefits and features that make a Cold Air Inductions cold air intake unique and a great value for performance and money.

Television’s Two Guys Garage

Installs a CAI From Cold Air Inductions Inc. on a 5th Gen V6 Camaro Build!

The guys on televisions Two Guys Garage are at it again, and this time they have chosen a CAI from Cold Air Inductions Inc. as a key performance component in a build on a 2012 V6 Camaro!

Cold Air Inductions INC. Featured In GM High Tech Magazine

On The East Coast Superchargers Cam Upgrade For a 2011 Camaro


The ECS gang modified Ralph Fontanez’s ’11 Camaro SS with a Texas Speed and Performance VVT camshaft kit to prove the L99 is worthy of modification and not to be discarded for a fixed camshaft design. The car began in bone stock trim and produced 345 rwhp at 5,300 rpm and 355 lb-ft of torque at 4,400 rpm. The addition of a Cold Air Inductions intake system and ECS tune netted 363 rwhp; Doug Ring of ECS recalibrated the ECM (using EFI Live software) by tweaking the air/fuel ratio, adding some timing, and a few other little tricks. After a strong and consistent baseline, the ECS group brought the Camaro back into the shop to undergo the camshaft upgrade.


Cold Air Inductions INC. Featured on Speed Channels TruckU!

Releasing Our New CAI For GM Trucks & SUV’S Such As The Silverado & Sierra


Cold Air Inductions Inc. featured in an episode on Speed Channels TruckU!  releasing their new line of Cold Air Intakes for GM Trucks. Tested and Proven to increse Horsepower, Torque, and Fuel Economy, these intake applications are a must have for owners of GM Trucks & SUV’s such as the: Silverado, Sierra, Yukon, Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche & Escalade!