Cold Air Inductions on Two Guys Garage

Two Guys Garage looks at the 2010 V6 Camaro cold air intake install. They go through the benefits and features that make a Cold Air Inductions cold air intake unique and a great value for performance and money.

Television’s Two Guys Garage

Installs a CAI From Cold Air Inductions Inc. on a 5th Gen V6 Camaro Build!

The guys on televisions Two Guys Garage are at it again, and this time they have chosen a CAI from Cold Air Inductions Inc. as a key performance component in a build on a 2012 V6 Camaro!

Cold Air Inductions INC. Featured In GM High Tech Magazine

On The East Coast Superchargers Cam Upgrade For a 2011 Camaro


The ECS gang modified Ralph Fontanez’s ’11 Camaro SS with a Texas Speed and Performance VVT camshaft kit to prove the L99 is worthy of modification and not to be discarded for a fixed camshaft design. The car began in bone stock trim and produced 345 rwhp at 5,300 rpm and 355 lb-ft of torque at 4,400 rpm. The addition of a Cold Air Inductions intake system and ECS tune netted 363 rwhp; Doug Ring of ECS recalibrated the ECM (using EFI Live software) by tweaking the air/fuel ratio, adding some timing, and a few other little tricks. After a strong and consistent baseline, the ECS group brought the Camaro back into the shop to undergo the camshaft upgrade.


Cold Air Inductions INC. Featured on Speed Channels TruckU!

Releasing Our New CAI For GM Trucks & SUV’S Such As The Silverado & Sierra


Cold Air Inductions Inc. featured in an episode on Speed Channels TruckU!  releasing their new line of Cold Air Intakes for GM Trucks. Tested and Proven to increse Horsepower, Torque, and Fuel Economy, these intake applications are a must have for owners of GM Trucks & SUV’s such as the: Silverado, Sierra, Yukon, Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche & Escalade!



Step inside Cold Air Inductions Inc., and meet our new spokes girl Jeanna.



Cold Air Inductions Inc. has moved into our new facility! This new space was built brand new from the ground up as the new home of Cold Air Inductions Inc. This new building gives us the space needed for some state of the art machinery, dedicated packaging and shipping area, new office space, and an engineering room complete with hoist an in in ground Dyno! The additional space has also allowed us to bring some proccesses in house, suh as all of our thermal coating and powder coating. The building was constructed in our home town of Memphis, Michigan, and will help in providing jobs for the local community. The land purchases has already been planned and approved for further expansion of up to 8x the buildings current size!

Oiled VS. Dry Air Filter Media; Which is Best?

Oiled VS. Dry air Filter

When choosing an air filter for your vehicle, a very common question is whether a dry media filter (paper filter) or an oiled filter is the best choice. There has been much debate to this subject to determine which filter actually performs better, considering things such as filtration, airflow, longevity and overall performance. Although the debate has been fought from both sides, and both sides may be able to argue pros and cons for each filter type, the filter type that the engineers at Cold Air Inductions Inc. trust and use is the oiled filter.

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Cold Air Inductions INC. Mentioned In GM High Tech Magazine



If you have purchased a fifth-generation Camaro, or this magazine, then no doubt you have come to love the styling inherent in the General’s most refined pony car yet. However, the downside to owning a wildly successful and popular car is that it is difficult to separate yourself from the Jones’. The many different factory color and stripe options certainly help, but not like a new set of wheels or a supercharger kit that will put car lengths between you and your neighbor. Whether subtle or screaming, whistling or purring, there are many avenues to explore, which will separate your Camaro from the 100,000 others on the road. Here is a list of helpful tips and tricks to help aid your journey.


Cold Air Intake

Like mufflers, OEM air boxes have become quite good, so the gains from an aftermarket cold air kit might not be night and day. However, they do offer a unique look and one less restriction in the intake tract that may prove problematic as your build progresses. Many also offer a washable and reusable filter that comes with a warranty. VaraRam, Airaid, K&N, Spectre Performance, and Cold Air Inductions (CAI) are just a few options on the market.

5TH Gen Camaro Intake

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CAI INC. Mentioned as best air intake on

A common question we hear from new 5th generation Camaro SS owners is, “What is the best air intake for the Camaro?”. With performance parts there is rarely a blanket “best” anything, only solutions that are best for specific purposes and applications. There are dozens of intakes systems of varying designs available for these cars and it can be a little overwhelming trying to narrow things down, especially if you don’t understand what makes a good air intake.



The sealed air box design employs the same lay out as the heat shield and stock intake system but utilizes a sealed air box in order to avoid the shortcomings of the heat shield design. Gaps around a heat shield or a bad weather strip seal are not an issue with these systems as the air filter is completely isolated from the hot engine compartment. These air boxes are much larger than the stock box they replace and contain a much larger air filter. Like the heat shield design, the restrictive stock tube is replaced with a more efficient tube and the air box is fed cool air through the same channel from the front grill that fed the stock air box. Cold Aid Inductions Inc. (CAI Inc.) is the leading manufacturer of this type of intake system for the 2010+ Camaro.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS – Moter City Pride

A one-off turbocharged 2010 Camaro built from the ground up in Michigan; redefining the definition of “stance”

From the September, 2010 issue of gm high-tech performance

By Justin Cesler

Photography by Justin Cesler


Some people call it the “X Factor,” a quality that can’t always be described but can always be noticed. For us, it is one of the main factors in choosing a feature car, it has to have something special, something almost greater than the sum of its parts that separates it from all other cars. In a hotel parking lot literally chock-full of custom 2010 Camaros, this “x factor” is what immediately attracted us to Rodrigo Olmedo’s 2010. The stance, the wheels, and the paint were almost spot-on perfect, and the turbo ls3 under the hood was certainly a welcome addition, but it was the entire combination working together that really made this Camaro a show-stopper.



“I found out that motorsports performance design (MPD) was looking for a car in order to make a one-off fiberglass hood and rear spoiler for a SEMA project. I called Eric Peters (owner of MPD) and set up a day to drop off the car. Eric also introduced me to James Newsome from CAI inductions who also needed a car for a couple of days; so off to him it went and the bug had bitten.” remember Rodrigo’s leap of faith in supporting his company? Well, it wasn’t but two weeks after buying his Camaro that he got a phone call to come back to work, GM was getting back on its feet and needed quality people back on its team. By the end of his first week, Rodrigo decided it was time to help other local businesses and shops, so he set out to build an all-out show car using as many local Detroit-based shops as possible. “i ended up over at victory racing engines (VRE) in Clinton township, Michigan, to see what i could come up with. I met with the owner Eric and head fabricator Mark Hayosh. We quickly sat down to discuss what I wanted, with the end result being a car that was extreme in performance but still very driveable.”