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Customer Testimonials View All
  • " I bought this system as soon as it was introduced. I was appreciative that they delayed introduction until everything was perfect. After much deliberation of ..."

    Tony Hewitt - Lincoln, NE

  • " Love my cold air intake from CAI, Inc. the sound is better, throttle response improved, easy install, proven, etc. great product - worth the money. "

    Brad Rummel - Peoria, IL

  • " Well worth the money too! Amazing quality, I couldn't find one for my 2006 Monte anywhere as it is the 3.9l lz9 engine and its ..."

    Jordan Ham - USA

  • " I absolutely love my new intake.  I've installed Doug Thorley shorties, Solo Performance high flow cats, custom X-pipe exhaust with resonator delete, Flowmaster Super-44 mufflers, and a performance ..."

    Ed Tate - USA

  • " I love my CAI intake, when people see my intake they are astonished by the quality of your product. "

    Kendell Chin - Levittown, NY

  • " I JUST LOVE MY CAI INTAKE, I installed a CAI intake shortly after purchasing my Camaro. After a great deal of research on this site ..."

    Buzzy56, USA – Camaro5 Forum Member

  • " Ordered one for the wife's car as soon as Jannetty Racing posted the spreadsheet with the numbers from the original intake testing!!! Love the way ..."

    Rob & Trish Byrd - Riverside, CA  

  • " Just wanted to provide a testimonial on my new CAI intake for my 2007 Chevy Monte Carlo (3.5L V6). Easy install - direct fit from ..."

    Adrian Tkach - Warminster (Philly suburb), PA

  • " 2011 Camaro SS/RS with CAI installed, awesome quality and performance! "

     Brad Stewart - Wichita, KS

  • " WOW..........Top notch quality. Sounds awesume. Definatley woke the camaro up. The crazy thing is I went from 16.4 in city driving to a high of ..."

    Scott McGraw - Ohio

  • " I'm glad that I went with CAI, sounds great, very easy install, great product. I would definitely go with the CAI if I had to ..."

    Craig Duet - Houma, LA

  • " Just want to say i bought your intake for my 2010 camaro ss all i can say is WOW the install was so easy and ..."


  • " Great cold air intake, easy install, trouble free, great looks improved low end performance, awesome sound @ WOT. I love the engineering theory of the ..."

    Dale Parks - Rochester, NY

  • " I just wanted to take a minute and thank you and your wonderful staff at the Camaro show in Phoenix.  Brian and I can not ..."

    Jerry A. Foster - Scottsdale, AZ

  • " This is by far the best cold air intake out there. It made my Camaro sound like the muscle car it should be and gave ..."

    Rcfiddy1 - Manalapan, NJ

  • " CAI Installed and Love it "

    Terry Joselyn - Virginia 

  • " Love my CAI! It was easy to install, improved throttle response and really dressed up the engine compartment. "

    Don Jarvis - NY

  • " The CAI cold air intake is a great product, very easy install, and adds a lot to the under hood looks of the car. Thanks ..."

    Jimmy Sassman -  St. George, UT 

  • " My CAI for my it...lots of great comments at our local shows "

    Jeff Such - Vanetia, PA  

  • " I'm loving it every time I drive it! "

    Paul Champagne - LaPlace, LA 

  • " Very noticeable improvement after installing the CAI Inc. intake. WOW...... my Camaro is way more responsive now and seems to pull alot harder and smoother. "

    Eddie Walters - Torrance, Ca 

  • " It's a great product and it fits the car like a glove! "

    Anonymous - Online Customer

  • " I knew through the Camaro5 forum as it was tested by JRE. I was impressed by the dyno numbers and decided to buy it. ..."

    Asad Al Mahrezi - Middle East

  • " I am very happy with this CAI. The install was pretty simple and it really makes a difference in how the car sounds and responds. "

    Karen DeMasi - Montrose, NY

  • " I love the way the CAI Inc. installs, looks and sounds "

    Lynn Jetton - San Angelo, TX

  • " Just installed my black CAI and all I can say is WOW! Looks and sounds great! "

    Marco Iannotta - Chicago, IL 

  • " It was a very simple install. Takes like 20 mins. Fit and finish is spectacular, well done CAI. "

    Greg Sallee - Gilbertsville, KY

  • " Once again Great Cold Air Intake. I noticed a big difference with performance and sound the first time out.I have and would again recomended this ..."

    Miltp, NY - Camaro5 Forum Member

  • " I received my powder coated cold air induction system friday night and installed it on my 2011 Camaro SS/RS. My car was a beast before ..."

    James Geiger - Cedar Falls, IA 

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