Cold Air Inductions tests every aspect of their cold air intake systems to ensure the ideal fit, finish, and performance from every cold air intake system they manufacture. The proof is in the dyno, thermal, and air flow testing every intake goes through before it ever sees the light of day. Our cold air intake systems are built for the best performance, fit, and finish.

The Elite Series provides serious performance gains in a textured black finish. With so many intakes on the market, the Elite Series is the answer to questions regarding whether the bolt-on installation and performance is worth the price. These cold air intake systems maximize space, airflow, and thermal testing for the ideal application on high-performance cars or trucks. The cold air intake systems in the Elite Series are made to fit without any changes to OEM sensors and connections. The easiest way to add more torque and horsepower to any vehicle.

The Carbon Elite Series is the highest performance cold air intake offered by Cold Air Inductions. With superior rigidity and smoothness, the air flow was increased to the intake while reducing weight. The whole cold air intake system uses carbon fiber throughout with stainless steel fittings and the signature plexiglass viewing window. This is the most extensively engineered set of systems offered and have a very distinct wow factor as soon as the hood is lifted. No lies and no corner cutting for the best possible cold air intake system.  This high performance system still uses the OEM sensors and connections for the best possible fit and application to your vehicle. No extra tuning required.