Replacement Air Filters

Think all performance air filters are more or less the same? If so, you’re not getting all the performance you can from your vehicle! We engineer every air filter for optimum airflow and minimum turbulence, and we design the filters for each specific cold-air intake system. The flow of air through the filter impacts the overall airflow through the rest of the system, and the system affects the airflow through the filter – they must be designed to work together for the best results.

All Cold Air Inductions Performance  Air filters:

  • Are pre-oiled: ready to install and use right out of the box
  • Come with stainless steel clamps that look as great as they work
  • Lifetime filters that can be cleaned and oiled over and over
  • Feature a unique velocity-stack radius to minimize turbulence as air flows from the filter into the air tube of the air-intake system
  • Have an engineered stop on the base to ensure proper installation and to allow the MAF to have more accurate readings
  • Feature interwoven cotton layers with a pleat count designed to maximize airflow and minimize turbulence

Use this chart to make it make to find the correct replacement Cold Air Inductions air filter for your cold-air intake system:

Cold Air Induction System Part Number Replacement Filter Part Number
501-1100 CF-7437
501-1100-B CF-7437
501-1036-10 CF-8350
501-1036-10-B CF-8350
501-1036-12 CF-8350
501-1036-12-B CF-8350
501-0956 CF-8385
501-0956-B CF-8385
501-1099-10 CF-8400
501-1099-10-B CF-8400
501-1099-10-UKM CF-8400
501-1099-10-UKM-B CF-8400
501-1099-10-UKS CF-8400
501-1099-10-UKSB CF-8400
501-1099-10-M CF-8400
501-1099-10-MB CF-8400
501-1099-10-S CF-8400
501-1099-10-SB CF-8400
701-3942 CF-8400
701-3942-B CF-8400
512-1059-08 CF-8438
512-1059-08-B CF-8438
501-1099-10-Z CF-8500
501-1099-10-ZB CF-8500
501-0520 CF-9337
501-0520-B CF-9337
501-0519 CF-9337
501-0519-B CF-9337
501-0519-39 CF-9337
501-0519-39-B CF-9337
501-0873 CF-9350
501-0873-B CF-9350
501-0904 CF-9350
501-0904-B CF-9350
512-0100 CF-9396
512-0100-B CF-9396
512-0101 CF-9400
512-0101-B CF-9400
512-0102 CF-9400
512-0102-B CF-9400
512-0103 CF-9400
512-0103-B CF-9400
Filter Recharge Kit RK-0001