Why Choose A Cold Air Inductions Elite Carbon Cold Air Intake?

Carbon Fiber is the ultimate in lightweight and strongest in strengthcarbon fiber is the hottest material used on fast cars and aftermarket parts. Carbon fiber is like fiberglass, a very strong and light fiber-reinforced polymer, but carbon fiber uses individual strains of carbon fibers. What happens is these fibers are then fused together using an epoxy to create the part needed for your application. Depending on properties, some carbon fiber mixtures could include Kevlar, aluminum, or even a little fiberglass to create extra strength or necessary weight.


  • Multiple and accurate Dyno Pulls to capture fuel trims and make the necessary adjustments until optimal fuel trims are achieved.
  • All Dyno pulls are done with the hood down to ensure accuracy to real-world driving conditions.
  • We use a load cell Dyno which allows us to put different strains (loads) on the vehicle to ensure we are achieving maximum performance results under a variety of real-world driving conditions.
  • The use of thermal imaging technology which allows us to see our ceramic coating and thermal insulation in action. This also allows us to locate “hot spots” under the hood so we can ensure the use of different heat barriers in the most effective locations, keeping intake air as cool as possible.
  • Our filters also go through various tests to ensure they are actively capturing harmful particles (down to 5 microns), as well as designed for maximum airflow.