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  • Cold Air Inductions Inc. (CAI) Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy
    Revised October 2010

    CAI has implemented a Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy for all CAI branded products. CAI intake systems and components are high quality products known for using premium materials and design resulting in superior performance. CAI has invested significant resources in R&D and marketing to create a positive reputation in the industry toward the CAI brand. CAI has implemented this policy to prevent price-based advertising that can lead to degrading the image of CAI products in the marketplace, as well as its brand reputation.

    Under this MAP policy, any consumer or public advertisement of CAI branded products must not result in a net price that is below the MAP price. The MAP price for each CAI branded product is listed as the “Retail Price” found in the dealer pricing guide. Net price is defined as the price less the value of any advertised discounts or instant rebates. Free shipping or installation may be included at the MAP price.

    This policy applies to all forms of public or consumer advertising including but not limited to letters, coupons, internet advertising, television, radio, print advertising, catalogs, email solicitations, websites, online auctions, and/or window advertisements. Advertisements can not indicate that a price lower than MAP is available. It is a violation of this policy if the lowest price displayed to the consumer is shown with a strikethrough, or with text indicating that a lower price is available. Internet advertisements or auctions that do not show an actual un-obliterated price must not allow the consumer to click to see the price unless the price shown is at or above MAP price. If the consumer must add the item to a shopping cart to see the advertised price, then the price shown must be at or above MAP price.

    This policy does not outline the price at which dealers sell CAI branded products. It does not establish maximum advertised prices or require specific prices to be advertised. This policy does not apply to the actual price that a product is sold in a retail location, over the telephone, or in a response to a consumer inquiry. This policy does not include price tags or signs located within a physical retail store that is not visible from outside of the store. Dealers are free to set their own prices for CAI products.

    If CAI determines that a dealer has violated this policy, then CAI will attempt to send a notice of policy violation to the dealer. If the dealer does not fix the problem stated in the policy violation within a period of time defined by CAI, then CAI will suspend the dealer from purchasing and/or selling CAI products until further notice from CAI. It is the responsibility of each dealer to monitor CAI price changes and review all advertisements before publication to ensure compliance with this policy.

    CAI Authorized Dealers are required to respond to requests from customers, promote the use of CAI products, represent CAI products in a positive and professional manner, advertise responsibly following the CAI MAP policy, use CAI intellectual property only as authorized, and comply with all CAI policies. CAI reserves the right to discontinue selling CAI products to any dealer and/or distributor, for any reason that we determine to be in the best interest of our company. Questions regarding this policy should be submitted in writing to

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