The Benefits of Carbon Fiber car parts:

Carbon Fiber is the ultimate in lightweight and strongest in strength, carbon fiber is the hottest material used on fast cars and aftermarket parts. Carbon fiber is like fiberglass, a very strong and light fiber-reinforced polymer, but carbon fiber uses individual strains of carbon fibers. What happens is these fibers are then fused together using an epoxy to create the part needed for your application. Depending on properties, some carbon fiber mixtures could include Kevlar, aluminum, or even a little fiberglass to create extra strength or necessary weight.

Real carbon fiber parts are more expensive due to the process needed to create such a strong material. The strength-to-weight ratio and good rigidity is worth the price. Carbon fiber does not corrode or rust like steel, eliminating the need to replace parts. In the automotive racing world today, many race cars use carbon fiber parts such as “safety cells” which are found in F1 and Indy cars and is used for driver protection. For automobile manufactures, some vehicles come with a large amount of carbon fiber from the factory including roofs, spoilers, and front lips