Are All Air Intake Systems Providing Performance Gains?

Dyno Proven Pontiac GTO Cold Air Intake Performance Boost

DiabloFormulaRacing does a dyno test to test the horsepower gains at the wheels on a Pontiac GTO. He replaces an “Acme” brand air intake system with a Cold Air Inductions air intake system on the dyno. One run on the “Acme” system for the baseline. Then, after the swap, the Pontiac GTO is put to the test on the dyno again with a new Cold Air Inductions air intake system to see what the results are. There is no programming and no other modifications. Just a head to head comparison between aftermarket systems. One was built as an “affordable” option as an aftermarket cold air intake system. The Cold Air Inductions system is built and engineered to get the most of the engine and space available. This goes to show not all air intakes are made equal. The side by side comparison of the rear-wheel torque and horsepower show top end gains with the Cold Air Inductions air intake system over the no-name induction system. With dyno proven performance, the Pontiac GTO shows improvement even without tuning.


This is why Cold Air Inductions puts so much time and effort into a cold air intake system. It is built to fit and built to the available space for optimum performance. The systems are dyno tested and created for the engine requirements. The Pontiac GTO is a performance built vehicle and the best option for a cold air intake system is built to maximize the airflow and controlling thermal in the space available in the engine bay. With thermal testing, Cold Air Inductions can see how the heat is managed within the engine bay and shield the airbox for the coldest air to the intake. The results are optimum airflow at the ideal temperature for the sensors and the engine combustion.


Looking for a cold air intake system for a similar 2005-2006 6.0L V8 Pontiac GTO? Click Here


Back to Back Test: Cold Air Inductions On A 2016 Camaro SS

2016 Camaro SS On Track Performance Comparison: No Tuning

First 3 runs with Cold Air Inductions On A 2016 Camaro SS that is Bone Stock. Then, the cold air intake system from Cold Air Inductions is added without any tuning is installed. Three runs are then averaged for comparison. The Cold Air Inductions cold air intake is built for performance gains on and off the track.


Void My Factory Warranty?

Will Using a Cold Air Inductions, Inc. Replacement Air Filter or Intake System Void My Factory Warranty?

Will a Cold air Intake Void my factory warranty?

No. In the United States, for the manufacturer of a warranted product (in this case, a vehicle) to void or deny warranty coverage of a repair due to the use of an aftermarket part (a Cold Air Inductions, Inc. air filter or intake system), the manufacturer must provide proof (evidence) that the aftermarket part is the cause of the necessary repair. These rights are protected under the Consumer Products Warranty Act of 1975 (also referred to as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act).

A warranty is a guarantee or promise made by a manufacturer, and is included with their product at no charge when it is sold as new. “Extended Warranties” are not warranties at all, since consumers must pay money to receive their benefits. The proper name for an Extended Warranty is a Service Contract. These contracts may contain exclusions or clauses conditioning their coverages, and these may limit the consumer from using certain products (like aftermarket air filters or performance intakes) on their vehicle. Service contracts are not regulated by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and once a consumer signs an agreement, they are bound to the terms of that contract. In the event of a vehicle repair, the presence of an aftermarket part (even if it is unrelated to the repair) could void the contract and force the consumer to pay for the repair themselves.


Cold Air Inductions Inc. Memphis, MI Awarded Platinum Supplier Status

General Motors Customer Care and Aftersales division has awarded Cold Air Inductions, Inc.  Memphis, MI operations with a Certificate of Excellence at the highest level, Platinum Supplier Status, in recognition of outstanding performance. The award recognizes top performing suppliers who consistently meet or exceed GM’s stringent quality criteria.

“Your organization has played an important role in our efforts to design, build and sell the world’s best vehicles,” wrote David Poole, General Motors General Director of Supply Chain and Michelle Braun, Executive Director Global Purchasing. “Your dedication and commitment to consistently perform above expectations are very much appreciated by the entire General Motors team and we want to recognize your organization for its outstanding performance. You have our most sincere congratulations.”

General Motors Customer Care and Aftersales has very high performance standards and customer service. “This award recognizes our commitment to providing the highest levels of both product quality and reliable service our customers expect and deserve,” said David Lookliss, Cold Air Inductions,  Operations Manager. “This award is an acknowledgement of the efforts of our entire team for their commitment to delivering to our customers’ expectations.”

Cold Air Inductions is the nation’s leading developer of automotive air induction systems.

Cold Air Inductions Elite Carbon Coming Soon

The final prototype for our new brand “Elite Carbon Series“. Systems for the 6th Gen Camaro SS and ZL1 will be available very soon.



This Should Be the First Performance Mod on Every Truck

GuitarmageddonZL1 installs a Cold Air Inductions cold air intake on his new Chevrolet Silverado. With noticeable gains in throttle response, the full review was based on the simplicity of installation. The only performance modification on his truck currently and with ease of installation for the performance gains, the proof is in the power. The benefit of the additional cold air into the intake, changes the throaty sound of the V8. The audible difference from the intake of more cold air is just one indication that the engine is able to get what it needs. The restrictive tubing plagues so many aftermarket cold air systems. A Cold Air Inductions cold air intake system is built to bring in the ideal amount of air flow for the intake. The sensors’ locations and connections are all built to fit around the engine and provide the coldest,  continuous air that a naturally aspirated engine will need. If you drive a V8 truck, a cold air intake system will also give some gas mileage performance since it will allow more efficient combustion in the engine. Most V8 trucks already have great power to the wheels but, when you need a boost for pulling a trailer or hauling a heavy load, the extra performance will be noticeable when you really need the top end performance.

Do Cold Air Intakes Really Work? Before and After Dyno Test

Street Speed717 dyno tests a new 2017 5.3 V8 Chevrolet Silverado before installing a Cold Air Inductions cold air intake. They install the cold air intake on the dyno and then retest to check performance gains. No tuning and no other changes. This is a true before and after test to show just the kind of engineering and performance that goes into Cold Air Inductions cold air intake systems. There is no long cool down period or reprogramming. Just an install on a stock, off the lot truck for more top end power and better throttle response.


Yes, it is a brand new 2017 Z71 Chevrolet Silverado, but it is worth it to have the best aftermarket parts if you are looking for the best performance from any vehicle. The Cold Air Inductions cold air intake system is built to perform and add power to any vehicle. The results are built into each system using dyno testing and thermal through the whole development process. With the majority of the airflow coming at a lower temperature and unrestricted, the engine management system can use OEM sensors to adjust the fuel mix for better engine performance. This means the throttle response will get a boost, the rear wheel horsepower will improve, and the fuel economy will be better since the air is better for the engine. The system has the OEM sensor ports built into the cold air intake to make installation easy and the cold air intake does not require extra tuning or programming. The sensor isn’t even disconnected. The sensor is just swapped from one port to the new system port. Everything is tested for the engine and vehicle specs to make adding horsepower and fuel economy as easy as a 20-minute installation.

Cold Air Inductions Camaro6 Dragstrip Comparison

Some people use a chassis dyno to test the difference a COLD AIR INDUCTIONS CAMARO6 AIR INTAKE SYSTEM, but the guys at BAD BOWTIE PRODUCTIONS have taken things a step further and put us to the test on a drag strip. This tests the true improvement in acceleration, which is one of the main reasons people buy a cold air intake system, along with the desire to have a throaty, performance air-intake sound, improved looks under the hood, and a lifetime, re-usable air filter.

The Bad Bow Tie 2016 Camaro SS test mule had no other modifications, not even a performance tune on the ECU. They took the car to Gateway Motorsports Park near St. Louis to do the dragstrip testing. Watch the video to see the car in action, and the quicker dragstrip results they achieved using a Cold Air Inductions system.

To baseline the Camaro, they made three back-to-back passes. The results were:

12.032 seconds at 116.54 mph

12.017 seconds at 117.87 mph

11.995 seconds at 117.72 mph

This gave the 6th Gen an average elapsed time (e/t) of 12.015 and average quarter-mile speed of 117.38 – good numbers for a bone stock Camaro.

After letting the car cool for an hour, the Bad Bowtie Productions crew got busy, and with basic hand tools install the Cold Air Inductions Camaro 6 system in about 15 minutes. Once finished, they took the car back to the starting line

The results:

11.919 seconds at 117.82 mph

11.948 seconds at 117.03 mph

11.932 seconds at 117.81 mph

The average e/t of 11.933 is nearly a tenth of a second quicker! If you’re not a lifetime drag racer, that may not sound like a huge improvement, but to give you an idea, you typically have to add 10 horsepower to the engine or remove 100 pounds from the vehicle in order to pick up a tenth of a second on the e/t. That’s a great gain, especially from something as simple as installing a Cold Air Inductions intake system that doesn’t require any other engine modifications, not even a performance tune on the ECU.

Which Cold-Air Intake Is The Best For Your Truck?

It’s easy to get confused when shopping for a cold-air intake for your Chevy or GMC truck. There are a lot of choices, and every company claims that theirs is the best. We know you care about your truck. You want to make the smartest purchase for every upgrade you make. That’s why we put together this list of facts that you should consider before buying a cold-air intake. Things that we know matter to truck owners such as true torque and horsepower gains, sound, quality and durability.

  1. Real Power Testing. First, insist on seeing the horsepower and torque curve for your specific model of pickup with the engine that’s in your truck. Without it, you can’t be sure that your application was thoroughly engineered and tested. Some companies advertise a generic power gain which isn’t really your truck and engine package. Cold Air Inductions uses a chassis dyno (in addition to a state-of-the-art flow bench and computer simulation) to develop every system. Cold Air Inductions Inc.’s dyno measures power at the tires, taking into consideration all the variables in a vehicle and drivetrain. The horsepower and torque-curve information provided by Cold Air Inductions Inc. is for the system for your specific model of vehicle and for that same vehicle’s engine.
  2. Real Power Gains. Even when another company does share its before and after power curve, you have to look at how the testing was done. All Cold Air Inductions Inc.’s kits are designed as closed systems. This means we don’t use the top of the hood to seal our air boxes. We think this is more precise for air and heat control, and it also makes a big difference in claimed power numbers. If a competitor tests its open system with the hood open (meaning the air box is not sealing against the hood, so it is able to suck in more cool air during the test), the dyno will record higher horsepower and torque numbers than you’ll ever see while driving. You don’t drive down the street with your hood open, do you? Cold Air Inductions Inc. tests vehicles in a way that ensures the power we claim is the power you will feel every time you drive your vehicle.
  3. Quality from Day 1. When you unbox a Cold Air Inductions Inc. air-intake system and lay your hands on the parts for the first time, you know you’ve made the right choice. Every part in our system is made from the highest quality material, and it is crafted with pride in the USA. The airbox and tube are made from durable aluminum. All of the TIG welding is done by hand. All of the aluminum parts are powder-coated for a durable finish that will last whether your truck sees duty in dry, desert regions or salt-laden Midwest winters. We provide new stainless steel fasteners for the MAF sensor. If there are rubber parts in the system, they are the same quality as what GM used originally, or better. We use ¼-turn fasteners to attach the filter inspection lid – making it easy and quick to remove and reinstall the lid if you need to service the filter. Quality in every component – and quality that will last a long, long time.
  4. The Power of Cold. The goal of a cold-air intake is to reduce the restriction of air flowing into the engine, resulting in increased engine power. We go a step further with our systems by keeping the temperature of the air as cool as possible as it enters the engine. You see, the cooler the air temperature entering the engine, the more dense it is, letting the engine breathe in more air with every revolution for even more power. We coat our air tubes with thermal protection and line our air boxes with heat insulation. This reduces the transfer of heat from the hot, underhood environment to the air flowing through the air-intake, keep the air inlet temperature as cool as it can be. Cold Air Inductions Inc.’s systems improve airflow and keep air as cool as possible for the best power gains.
  5. The Sound of Performance. The last thing you want after upgrading the air intake on your truck is some odd sucking sound every time you lean into the throttle. GM spends countless hours eliminating undesirable noises from the air intake, and we do the same when we engineer our systems. This is an area where assembling a bunch of parts used in systems for other vehicles simply doesn’t work. We design every system for the specific vehicle and engine combination. We test on the flowbench, and then we test in the vehicle under a variety of driving conditions to make sure that the sound you hear when driving is a pleasant, performance one.

We’ve been manufacturing cold-air intakes for more than 10 years. We pay attention to the things that matter to people who love their trucks because we love our trucks! We depend on them for work and play. And you can depend on us for the highest-quality air intakes in the industry, delivering real power and great quality.

Cold Air Inductions Install for 2016 Camaro by Farmtruck and AZN

Farmtruck and AZN install a Cold Air Inductions cold air intake on their 2016 Camaro. Watch as they unbox and go through each part before completing and testing a new install. They check the superior fit and finish on each part in the step by step installation.