Chevrolet Trailblazer SS Gets 14 RWHP in 10 Minutes

DiabloFormulaRacing adds 14 rear-wheel horsepower with a Cold Air Inductions cold air intake. He shows that good performance isn’t just for muscle cars and trucks. The performance and fuel economy gains makes any car better to drive.


Diablo Formula Racing does something nice for his girlfriend Steph’s Trailblazer. It is an easy install that he does on a snowy day. Once he gets the stock intake out, it was easy to just set the new Cold Air Inductions air intake right in. He then bolts the new system in place as the snow starts falling again. The whole thing takes about 10 minutes for him. The sensors are all the same and the vacuum hose just goes back into the valve cover. Once he does the intake, he goes through the parts and the finished install. The Trailblazer SS sure gets a lively amount of power at the rear wheels with a 14 RWHP boost. The fuel economy will also get some modest improvements. It is a go-to improvement for a simple 10-minute job.

This truck is also not a new, off-the-lot model. This has over 150k miles and already received a lot of TLC through a rebuilt transmission, small cam upgrade, rebuilt front differential, and upgraded exhaust. The whole package has been a project for DFR. The easiest part from his Youtube videos on the TBSS has been the cold air intake system. For a performance SUV like a Trailblazer SS, the wear and tear is one thing but the reason for ownership comes when the throttle is open. This is where the Cold Air Inductions cold air intake takes the performance above what it was over 150,000 miles ago for DFR and Steph.

With any Cold Air Inductions cold air intake system, the installation instructions are in the box and available online. The instructions (like the cold air intake system) are based on that specific vehicle make and model. The instructions are based on the stock set-up of the engine bay. If you have made additional changes to the engine bay, be aware of the fit and spacing around the airbox to keep the airflow open and airbox securely mounted.