James Geiger – Cedar Falls, IA

I received my powder coated cold air induction system friday night and installed it on my 2011 Camaro SS/RS. My car was a beast before and took a backseat to no one.  Now it’s a freaking monster!!!  Even with the traction control on, the tires get “roasted” if I’m not careful.  LOVE IT!!!  THANKS SO MUCH!!!  DEFINITELY WORTH EVERY DIME!!!  You could easily charge more because your cold air induction system is head anshoulders above the “wanna-be’s” out there in the market place!!! I have recommended CAI, Inc. to everyone and anyone!

Miltp, NY – Camaro5 Forum Member

Once again Great Cold Air Intake. I noticed a big difference with performance and sound the first time out.I have and would again recomended this product to anyone who is looking for a great looking well built Cold Air Intake. Thanks again

Greg Sallee – Gilbertsville, KY

It was a very simple install. Takes like 20 mins. Fit and finish is spectacular, well done CAI.

Marco Iannotta – Chicago, IL

Just installed my black CAI and all I can say is WOW! Looks and sounds great!

Lynn Jetton – San Angelo, TX

I love the way the CAI Inc. installs, looks and sounds

Karen DeMasi – Montrose, NY

I am very happy with this CAI. The install was pretty simple and it really makes a difference in how the car sounds and responds.

Asad Al Mahrezi – Middle East

I knew CAI.inc through the Camaro5 forum as it was tested by JRE. I was impressed by the dyno numbers and decided to buy it. The installation was very easy and the quality of the materials is great. I live in a very hot dusty climate here in the Middle East but CAI seems to be making the same amount of power. Very nice product, great power, great sound and worth every penny!

Anonymous – Online Customer

It’s a great product and it fits the car like a glove!

Eddie Walters – Torrance, CA

Very noticeable improvement after installing the CAI Inc. intake. WOW…… my Camaro is way more responsive now and seems to pull alot harder and smoother.

Paul Champagne – LaPlace, LA

I’m loving it every time I drive it!