Upgrade Your Camaro Stock Intake With An Elite Carbon Cold Air Intake From CAI

If you’re a fan of fast cars and big horsepower, you’ve probably considered swapping out your stock air intake system. Dyno tests show that installing a cold air intake system can boost horsepower, giving you more performance and a better intake sound.

The improved airflow to your engine can also benefit fuel economy. So why wait? You can install the ZL1 Elite Carbon Series yourself, and enjoy enhanced performance in minutes.

ZL1 Elite Carbon Series Intake System

The Elite Carbon Series is our flagship cold air intake. It is constructed almost completely out of carbon fiber. It includes:

  • Carbon Fiber Air Box with Clear Inspection Window
  • Carbon Fiber Intake Tube + High Performance Air Filter
  • Flex Coupler/Stainless Clamps
  • Comprehensive Installation Instructions

The ZL1 Elite Carbon Series system uses carbon fiber construction. Benefits include light weight, strength, durability, and heat dissipation properties. The intake tube boasts a sleek design, and the air filter box includes a clear plexiglass window. This allows you to check the filter’s condition to know when it needs cleaning or replacing.

Stainless steel clamps ensure the system remains securely attached. While a flexible coupler facilitates easy connection to the throttle body. Additionally, it comes equipped with a high-performance air filter. This kit is compatible with the 2017-2021 Camaro ZL1. Check out our range of Elite Series cold air induction kits, too.

The Installation Process

Replacing an air intake system may seem scary if you don’t work on your car. But it’s quite straightforward, particularly with this kit. It includes all the necessary components and an excellent installation guide to help you along the way. Watch the video below to see how simple the process can be:

  1. Start by loosening the clamps and screws on your current air intake system. Carefully remove the mass air flow (MAF) sensor and detach the PCV tube. Once everything is disconnected, remove the entire assembly from the car.
  2. Next, begin the assembly process, which is straightforward. Connect the carbon fiber intake tube to the high-performance filter by screwing them together. Place the air filter inside the filter housing box and secure it. Wrap the foam gasket around the lower intake of the filter box.
  3. Attach the coupler boot to the throttle body tube, making sure to follow the directions indicated for proper orientation. Then, fit the intake tube into the other end of the coupler boot. It’s best to connect the intake tube side first, then pivot the air filter box into its final position.
  4. Secure the system by tightening the stainless-steel clamps around the coupler boot first to ensure a tight fit. Attach the air filter body to the car using the retainer clips that fit into the grommets on your vehicle.
  5. Lastly, reconnect the PCV tube and carefully reinsert the MAF sensor into its slot on the intake tube. As demonstrated in the video, it might be a snug fit, so proceed slowly to avoid any damage.

Cold Air Inductions Has The Perfect Kit For Your Camaro

It’s that simple to upgrade your Camaro’s performance and intake sound and enhance its fuel efficiency. As the video shows, installing our cold air intake system is easy. Every kit includes detailed instructions that are easy to follow. If you prefer a visual guide to the installation process, watch the video above.

Upgrading to a CAI Cold Air Intake is quick and easy, thanks to our custom-designed products. And simple installation procedure. Our intakes are made to last, and the reusable air filter element will save you money over a stock system.

We develop cold air intakes for specific vehicles and test our systems in real-world conditions to deliver results you can feel and hear.

Cold Air Inductions has been a leading manufacturer of sealed air box intake systems since 2004. We offer a lifetime warranty. Check out our range of high-quality intakes here. Then contact our team to order the cold air induction kit that sounds as good as it performs.

How To Find A Quality Silverado Intake For A Reasonable Price

Experience the next level of performance with Cold Air Inductions Silverado Cold Air Intake. In this series of videos, Leaman Griffin dives into every detail of this affordable, must-have modification for truck enthusiasts. Check out his in-depth review, testimonial, and installation tips below!

Unboxing And First Impressions

“In a world where car and truck Cold Air Intake brands are a dime a dozen, it can be hard to stand out. Like many performance enthusiasts, my early days in the custom car and truck scene involved going to EBay and finding the cheapest parts I could, then waiting weeks if not months for them to arrive from overseas (usually China). It was all about spending the least amount of money, and having the most aftermarket parts on my ride. Fast forward to today and not much has changed, except one thing. I learned to understand the importance of quality aftermarket parts. My current vehicle is a 2019 Silverado RST. I purchased it back in March of 2019 and immediately I was looking for aftermarket parts to install. A Cold Air Intake System for my 2019 Silverado RST was one of the first items on my list, as it is for most enthusiasts. My search turned up very few results though, being that this is a new generation of Silverado in its first production year. Enter Cold Air Inductions Inc. They manufacture Cold Air Intakes for a wide variety of late model cars and trucks, and specifically several for GM and Chevy like Chevy Colorado intakes, Canyon intakes, and Camaro intakes. After researching the company and the product, I decided to try them out.”

From the start, Leaman Griffin was impressed with how thoroughly the Cold Air Intake was packed and with the quality of the components. He was expecting sheet metal parts and was surprised at the quality of the air box with its plexiglass window and the other components.

Overall, Griffin thought it was a nice quality kit with some unexpected details, like high-quality rubber gaskets and solid cast components. He also found the instruction guide easy to read, providing clear instructions on how to install all of the components, including the hose to the PCV valve.

“I received a tracking number for my order the very next day, which came as a nice surprise since usually with other manufacturers you have to wait days before your order shows as shipped. I ordered the Elite Series Cold Air Intake System for the 2019-2020 Silverado 1500 equipped with the 5.3L V8 engine. After a few days of checking tracking every couple of hours, the intake system arrived!  The packaging was neat and well thought out. Everything was wrapped and protected so as not to scratch any of the parts during transit. Upon initial inspection, the quality of this Cold Air Intake System was outstanding.  All of the welds looked neat and even. The intake tube was coated both inside and out, and all of the rubber connectors and clamps were high quality. I was expecting the Cold Air box to be sheet metal and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was actually thick cast metal. The cast metal is still lightweight, but the extra thickness acts as a barrier keeping hot air out of the intake box.  They even went as far as to key the MAF port so that you can’t install the MAF sensor backwards. All hardware was included, as well as very detailed instructions with photos.”

Detailed Silverado Installation Guide

Installation was a breeze, thanks to the clear instructions and the labeling on all of the components. Griffin discovered that you actually need very few tools for installation – just a ratchet wrench with a few different size sockets and a couple of screwdrivers. He also found that the CAI kit was easy to install and bolted together in very little time. In fact, with the right tools, it can take as little as 30 minutes to swap out your airbox and install a CAI Cold Air Intake system.

“This Cold Air Intake System was very well engineered, and that showed during installation. After skimming over the instructions to get a general sense of the task at hand, I collected my tools and began. I only needed a few sockets, a few screwdrivers, and an allen wrench to complete the installation. In true gearhead fashion, I installed the Cold Air Intake System in my driveway, mere feet from a nice shaded garage.  I was too eager to spend the extra 30 seconds pulling my truck inside. Pulling off the factory air intake was probably the most difficult part of the entire process. Once it was all removed, there were only a few bolts and clamps to tighten and I was done! The fit is that of a factory setup. Everything looks in its home and all of the components are showcased in the engine bay.”

Performance Review And Road Test

“Typically, a Cold Air Intake System won’t net you any performance gains without an ECM tune. This prompted me to head straight to the Dyno and see for myself. These trucks are still ECM locked from the factory, so any performance gains I see would surely be from the intake system. After establishing a baseline run of a whopping 277 horsepower to the rear wheels with the stock intake setup (and heavy 26” wheels ), it was time to reinstall the Cold Air Inductions unit and let her rip once more! I was surprised to see much smoother power delivery across the RPMs, especially in the higher range. Overall I saw a gain of 5 horsepower to the wheels, and 6.5 foot pounds of torque with the peak horsepower hitting at 5300 RPM and the max torque at 4900 RPM. All of this running on 87 octane pump gas. The real fun with this Cold Air Intake System comes in the day to day driving. Punch the throttle and you can hear the intake sucking air with force. I’m used to hearing the engine revving as I accelerate through the RPMs, but the addition of this intake has deepened the sound drastically. Trucks are not sporty by any means, but the more aggressive sound has me giving the throttle a little more foot than normal! As I am writing this I have had the Cold Air Inductions Inc. Cold Air Intake System on my truck for about a week, and around 1000 miles (I drive a lot).  The one thing I was the most pleased with was the additional gas mileage. One of the great features of modern cars and trucks is the onboard computer systems. I can see my average MPG over the last 50 miles, or 400 miles. I keep a watch on the 400 mile average because it is the most accurate depiction of how I drive. The 50 mile average is too affected by the occasional run up to 5k RPMs as well as sitting in traffic. Only one of which I enjoy. After a week of driving, my 400 mile average has gone up about .7 MPG. While this is great, I’m sure it would have gone up more had I not enjoyed the throttle as much. Rest assured, I will never know!”

Installing the wrong cold air intake can be worse than sticking with a stock unit because it can actually reduce your vehicle’s performance. That’s why CAI kits include:

  • Inspection window on certain kits – great to check the reusable air filters
  • Powder-coated aluminum components to reduce intake temps
  • Perfectly insulated air boxes to maximize cold airflow
  • OEM-spec fasteners and connectors

As Griffin’s dyno runs show, the CAI Cold Air Intake provided a noticeable gain at the rear wheels right off the bat with no other modifications. This goes to show that while every vehicle is different, choosing a CAI Cold Air Intake system will provide you with:

  • A noticeable horsepower (HP) boost
  • Enhanced engine efficiency

“In conclusion, I am very pleased with this addition to my 2019 Silverado. The Cold Air Intake System again earned it’s spot as one of the first items that should be purchased when beginning to mod your car or truck, and Cold Air Inductions Inc. knocked it out of the park with this system. The increase in horsepower is not just noticeable, it’s thrilling. Now it’s time to get back to the Internet and search for the next mod to my truck!”

Take Your Truck To The Next Level With A CAI Cold Air Intake!

Ready to experience these benefits on your Chevy Silverado or other GM vehicle? Check out our selection of cold air intakes and find the perfect fit!  With CAI, you’re not just upgrading your car or truck; you’re getting the following benefits that will enhance your driving experience:

  • Proven Performance: Our intakes are dyno-tested with results to support our claims.
  • Quality Materials: Only the highest quality materials are used to ensure durability and efficiency.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for a straightforward install, getting you back on the road faster.

For more information and to view our full range of products, visit Cold Air Inductions.

Gain Horsepower With A CAI Chevy Camaro Cold Air Intake

Do you own a 2016-2024 Chevy Camaro V6 and want to increase your horsepower? Then a Cold Air Intake is the perfect upgrade for you.

Our high-performance intake has been custom designed for the 3.6-liter Chevy Camaro and offers OEM levels of fit and finish. Install it in minutes and enhance the sound and power of your Camaro without needing to modify the ECU.

Real Power Gains And Enhanced Sound

At CAI, we don’t just make power claims, we do real power testing on each specific model. We use a state-of-the-art flow bench, computer simulations and a chassis dyno for our power tests. You get an intake that been through proper dyno power tests for your specific model.

We have seen gains of up to 13 horsepower, with an 11-horsepower average improvement. That means an additional 36.9 horsepower and enhanced intake sound in just a few minutes.

Installation Is Easy

The 2016-2024 Chevy Camaro intake system comes with everything you need. Each kit is precision engineered and tested to deliver results. Detailed instructions allow you to replace your stock intake with our system in minutes. The reusable high-performance air filter can be cleaned periodically using our cleaning kit.

2016-24 Camaro 3.6L V6 Intake System Components

  • Insulated Aluminum Air Box with Clear Inspection Window
  • High-Performance Air Filter (CF-7322)
  • Thermal-Coated Intake Tube
  • Black Silicone Coupler and Stainless Clamps
  • Comprehensive Installation Instructions

Our intakes are easy to install, and they’re even easier with our included instructions (with photos) and the many installation videos we provide. Check out this comprehensive video on how to install your CAI Camaro cold air intake:

Tools Required

  • Ratchet and 10mm Socket
  • T30 Torx
  • T20 Torx
  • 8mm Nut Driver
  • 3mm Allen Wrench
  • 2.5mm Allen Wrench

Installation Steps

  1. Turn off engine and allow the engine bay to cool down. Then remove oil fill cap
  2. Disconnect negative battery terminal (10mm socket)
  3. Remove plastic engine cover (T30 torx) and loosen hose clamps (8mm nut driver)
  4. Disconnect PCV fitting, hose and sound enhancer tube then remove inlet duct
  5. Remove air induction housing clip and disconnect MAF sensor
  6. Remove stock air induction housing assembly (retain 3 OEM grommets)
  7. Remove MAF sensor from stock housing (T20 Torx) and install on CAI MAF tube (2.5mm Allen Wrench)
  8. Install performance air induction housing and air filter element
  9. Install CAI MAF tube (8mm nut driver. Dot must be facing filter)
  10. Reconnect inlet duct to performance air induction housing
  11. Reconnect PCV and sound enhancer tube and MAF sensor
  12. Install housing cover over air box (3mm Allen Wrench)
  13. Reinstall engine cover, engine oil fill cap and battery cable

The entire process can take as little as 20 minutes, and you should already have most of these tools in your garage.

Order Your Camaro Cold Air Induction System Today

Cold Air Inductions is the leading manufacturer of sealed air box intake systems. We offer a lifetime warranty. And we use real-world dyno testing procedures to deliver real-world benefits. Our systems fit without any changes to the OEM sensors or connections. Check out our range of high-quality Camaro intakes here. Then contact our team to order the cold air induction kit that delivers on its promises.

Upgrade Your Silverado/Sierra Intake With A CAI System

If you’re a Silverado or Sierra truck enthusiast who is chasing more horsepower, Cold Air Inductions now offers a cold air intake system for your turbocharged engine. This intake is a full-blown transformation for your truck’s performance, sound, and throttle response. This Cold Air Inductions intake is a must-have for your 2.7L turbo or TurboMax™ engine.

Enhanced Power And Aggressive Sound

When you hit the gas, you want to feel an immediate surge of power and hear an aggressive engine note. This Cold Air Inductions intake kit reduces heat soak with  thermal coated tubes, so your engine breathes in cooler air. This translates to noticeable gains in horsepower and torque. You can learn more about the intricate design of our intakes here.

Filter Window Allows You To Peek Under the Hood

This Cold Air Inductions intake integrates a clear air box window that allows you to check the system’s filter status with ease. You no longer need to disassemble your intake to check the air filter. A quick glance lets you gauge filter cleanliness, and a simple cleaning and oiling with the CAI recharge kit will bring the system back to optimal performance. It’s the kind of thoughtful design that truck owners appreciate.

USA Made Quality

Our intakes have a solid reputation for high-quality construction. That is due, in part, to our proudly USA-made design and production. Every component is premium and is manufactured in the USA.

Easy Installation

Some basic mechanical knowledge is all that’s needed for the install. The complete system includes:

  • Aluminum Air Box with Clear Viewing Window
  • Thermal Coated Intake Tube
  • High Performance Air Filter
  • Inlet/Duct
  • Installation Instructions

This intake fits the 2019-2024 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 or GMC Sierra 1500 with a 2.7L turbocharged engine. Should you hit a snag or have a question about installation, our customer service team is just a click or call away.

If you’re after a blend of performance enhancement, ease of maintenance, and an undeniable cool factor, this cold air intake system is the upgrade you’ve been waiting for. Upgrade your truck today!

Back To Back Test: CAI Intake On A 2016 Camaro SS

Performance cars are built with high quality parts, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement. The sixth generation Chevy Camaro SS is already an impressive performer. It comes stock with a 455hp 6.2-liter V8 that can launch it from 0-60mph in just 4.5-seconds.

It can also cover the quarter mile in just over 12-seconds. That’s quick even for modified V8s. Bad Bowtie Productions decided to take their 2016 Camaro SS to the dragstrip to find out what it would do stock. Then they installed a CAI Cold Air Intake to see whether it made a difference. Read on to find out.

Stock Runs

First off, they did three stock passes to get a baseline:

  1. ET 12.03@116mph
  2. ET 12.01@117mph
  3. ET 11.99@117mph

The baseline average works out to an elapsed time of [email protected]. Those are pretty healthy numbers for a bone stock Camaro SS. Clearly the track surface and car were as good as it was going to get. The car was left to cool down for an hour, during which the CAI Cold Air Intake was installed. The entire process took just 15 minutes with basic tools.

It was then driven straight to the drag strip without waiting for the ECU to recalibrate to the additional airflow.

CAI Intake Runs

The Bad Bowtie Productions crew then did three passes with the new CAI kit installed and reached an average elapsed time of [email protected]:

  1. ET 11.91@117mph
  2. ET 11.94@117mph
  3. ET 11.93@117mph

Every run was quicker than the fastest stock time, and while the overall improvement was just under 0.1-seconds, that should equate to a 10-15hp increase on a car like the Camaro SS. Not bad for a 15-minute upgrade that also enhances the intake sound in the process.

The Cold Air Inductions Difference

There are plenty of cold air induction kits on the market. What makes CAI stand out is the attention to detail and quality of every product we sell. Every kit is supplied with everything you need for a hassle-free installation. We use OEM-quality fittings and keep all original sensors.

  • Inspection window to check reusable air filters
  • Powder-coated aluminum parts to reduce intake temps and enhance performance
  • Air boxes designed to maximize cold airflow and OEM sensors are reused
  • OEM-spec fasteners and connectors
  • Superior intake sound to OEM intake
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Real-world testing for real-world performance

Order Your CAI Intake Kit Today

Upgrading to a CAI Cold Air Intake is quick and easy thanks to our custom designed products and simple installation procedure. Our intakes are designed to last, and the reusable air filter element will save you money, too.  Our popular 6th Gen Camaro intakes include:

Whether you choose the Elite Carbon Series  intake systems like Bad Bowtie Productions did for their Camaro SS, or the Elite Series intakes, CAI products are the perfect upgrade for any OEM setup.

Cold Air Inductions is a leading manufacturer of cold air intakes. And we stand by our products with a lifetime warranty. Get in touch with our team to order your kit today.

The First Performance Mod You Should Do On Your Truck

Cold air intakes are an inexpensive way to increase your truck’s performance, providing better towing and gas mileage while improving its sound. The key is finding a high-quality system that cools and improves airflow.

That’s why GuitarmageddonZL1 chose an intake system from Cold Air Inductions and says it should be the first performance mod on your truck. We’ll cover the highlights of their video in this post and explain what makes our cold air intakes stand out from the competition.

Cold Air Inductions Chevy Silverado Intake Install

GuitarmageddonZL1 installed a Cold Air Inductions cold air intake on his new Chevrolet Silverado, which was the first performance modification he did on the truck. In the video, he comments on the simplicity of the installation and the noticeable sound differences.

“The cool thing about this intake is it does not require a tune so it’s literally just bolt-on-and-go.”

– GuitarmageddonZL1

Our cold air intake not only changes the throaty sound of the V8 but helps the engine make more power. Each intake system is built for a specific vehicle, allowing it to provide the ideal amount of airflow for the engine. This allows more efficient combustion in the engine, leading to improvements in horsepower and fuel economy. Even though most V8 trucks already provide great power to the wheels, the extra performance comes in handy when pulling a trailer or hauling a heavy load.

Cold Air Induction’s Performance Is In The Details

There are many great-looking air intakes on the market, but nothing matches the performance and engineering of our intake systems. That’s because each kit is designed and tested to fit a specific vehicle and provides a tight fit to keep the engine compartment’s hot air out of the intake.

“They measure with a scaled 3D measurement, so it fits perfectly – it’s a tight fit because of that and takes some finesse – but once you get it in, it’s awesome. A perfect fit.”

– GuitarmageddonZL1

Additionally, each system comes with the following:

  • OEM-spec tubing, fasteners, and connectors for the crankcase breather tube
  • High-quality, reusable eight-layer cotton fiber air filter
  • Plexiglass inspection window
  • Powder-coated aluminum components to reduce intake temps
  • Perfectly insulated air boxes to maximize cold airflow

In most cases, it only takes a few tools and 15-20 minutes to install one of our cold air intakes. However, you’ll immediately notice the improved power, throatier sound, and increased fuel economy.

Why Choose A Cold Air Inductions Intake?

Chevy trailblazer intake

Cold Air Inductions are designed and engineered for specific vehicles to deliver noticeable improvements over stock performance. Every one of our kits is tested to verify performance gains and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Contact us to order your CAI cold air intake kit today.

The 5 Easiest Chevy Silverado Aftermarket Upgrades

The Chevy Silverado is a great truck. It’s reliable, tough, and comes with plenty of options. But there are some great upgrades that you can’t get from the factory. In this blog, we look into the five easiest upgrades you can make to your Silverado.

1. Exhaust Systems

Image Credit: SilveradoSierra

Whether you have a 5.3 or 6.2-liter V8 under the hood, there’s one thing your Silverado will be missing. And that’s a free-flowing exhaust system to unleash the sound of your motor. There are plenty of reputable exhaust specialists out there that offer bespoke systems for the Silverado and offer:

  • Better exhaust sound
  • More power
  • Improved fuel economy

Make sure to get a cat-back system rather than just a replacement rear muffler. That way, you get more power and better fuel economy, too.

Keep In Mind: Some exhausts can drone at cruising speeds, so try to drive to a vehicle equipped with the system you want first.

2. ECU Remaps

Image Credit: LSXMag

The ECU in a modern car controls everything from ignition to timing and fuel delivery. Manufacturers use generic ECU settings that can often be reprogrammed to deliver:

  • Better performance
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Better gas mileage

An ECU remap on its own may not deliver a major performance boost. But it is certainly worthwhile if you have done other mods to your truck, too.

Keep In Mind: You could invalidate your factory warranty with certain ECU remaps.

3. Suspension Upgrades

Image Credit: SilveradoSierra

If you enjoy heading off-road, then upgrading the suspension with components like leveling kits or lift kits can enhance your truck’s capabilities and give you:

  • Better off-road ability
  • Enhanced protection for the underside of the truck

Installing more capable shock absorbers and taller springs will give you an edge on tough trails.

Keep In Mind: An overly stiff suspension can make for a hard ride on the road.

4. Wheels And Tires

Image Credit: DuramaxForum

A tire upgrade is often done in conjunction with suspension improvements and can:

  • Enhance the look of your truck
  • Provide more ground clearance

Larger tires will improve ground clearance. And you can choose between on and off-road tread types to enhance grip levels. Upgraded alloy wheels can also give your truck a unique look.

Keep In Mind: Very low-profile tires look cool but can make the ride hard.

5. Cold Air Intakes

One of the best and easiest upgrades you can do is to install a cold air intake. Unlike the other options here, it can be done in your driveway. Cold Air Inductions intake kits are designed to work specifically with your vehicle and will give you:

  • Better intake sound
  • Improved performance
  • Better fuel economy

This results in real power gains that you can feel. And the enhanced intake sound is just icing on the cake. The increased airflow into the engine allows it to perform more efficiently. So your fuel economy will improve, too.

Keep In Mind: Only a high-quality aftermarket sealed airbox intake system will deliver these results.

Upgrade Your Vehicle With A CAI Cold Air Intake Kit

While we can’t comment on aftermarket exhausts, ECUs, or suspension kits, our cold-air induction kits are built to deliver. At Cold Air Inductions, we do real power testing and deliver real power gains. Every kit is made from the highest quality materials and crafted right here in the USA.

We don’t change OEM sensors or connections. And we believe in our products, so we offer a lifetime warranty. Our intake kits are designed and engineered to work with specific Silverado models. This is why we deliver noticeable improvements over stock. Contact us today and experience the benefits of a CAI cold air intake kit.

The Best Chevy Colorado Cold Air Intake

Our cold air intakes are one of the easiest and most rewarding upgrades you can do to your vehicle. To demonstrate the benefits of our Elite Series Cold Air Intake for the Chevy Colorado, we sent a kit to HorsePower Obsessed to try out:

Why Cold Air Inductions?

Horsepower Obsessed hadn’t really considered installing a cold air intake on their V6 Colorado because most kits required the engine cover to be removed.

But that’s not the case with Cold Air Intake’s kit as it was designed to work specifically with the Colorado. Unlike some of the generic solutions from other suppliers. So, we decided to send them a kit to demonstrate just how effective our CAI cold air intake can be.

The Chevy Colorado Intake Kit

Our cold air induction kit for the Chevy Colorado is specially designed to work with that model. It uses all the original fasteners, OEM sensors, mounting points and connectors. This makes for an easy install that fits perfectly. The intake system includes:

  • Insulated Aluminum Air Box
  • Air Box Lid with Clear Inspection Window
  • Thermal-Coated Intake Tube
  • High-Performance Air Filter
  • Installation Instructions

Our Chevy Colorado intake system also works with the following trucks:

  • 2015 – 2022 Chevrolet Colorado 3.6-liter V6 and 2.5-liter inline-4
  • 2015 – 2022 GMC Canyon 3.6-liter V6 and 2.5-liter inline-4
  • 2016 – 2022 Chevrolet Colorado 2.8-liter Turbo-Diesel
  • 2016 – 2022 GMC Canyon 2.8-liter Turbo-Diesel

The Installation

Installing the kit was extremely easy. It took just a few minutes and required just a couple of tools.

“I would definitely recommend Cold Air Inductions. The intake install was extremely easy.”

Justin, HorsePower Obsessed


  • T20 Torx screwdriver
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • 8mm and 10mm socket with extension

Removal Process:

  1. Remove MAF sensor with T20 Torx screwdriver
  2. Use 8mm socket or flathead screwdriver to remove pipe between intake and manifold
  3. Remove stock airbox with Philips head screwdriver.
  4. Take out stock filter and bottom air box section. Two 10mm nuts hold it in place.

Installation Process:

  1. Slide MAF sensor into new intake tube.
  2. Install new airbox using stock grommets and connectors
  3. Connect new intake tube between airbox and intake manifold. Reattach MAF harness
  4. Install air filter and fit new airbox lid

And that’s it. The process is simple, and the new components fit as if they came from the factory.

Scientific Testing

Every system we build is tested in real-world conditions to deliver real-world results. To test our claim Horsepower Obsessed did before and after dyno runs and sound tests.

“I can definitely hear a lot more intake noise.”

Justin, HorsePower Obsessed

The sound from the engine bay before the new intake was hardly noticeable. Once it had been installed, it transformed the intake sound. Every press of the throttle released a far deeper and more impressive sound that really transformed the truck.

“It does give us some additional power, which is awesome.”

Justin, HorsePower Obsessed

The dyno tests also showed minor, yet consistent improvements to both power and torque levels. Wolfpack speed Dyno runs:

  • Best of 249hp and 228 lb-ft with stock intake
  • Best of 251hp and 230 lb-ft with Cold Air Inductions kit

The 2hp and 2lb-ft improvements were small, but like with any modification, a tune would really allow the Colorado to make the most of the colder air being sucked into the motor.

Upgrade Your Truck With The Best Chevy Colorado Cold Cold Air Intake

For an immediate boost in performance, economy, and intake sound, the Colorado Cold Air intake kit is tough to beat. As HorsePower Obsessed found, it’s easy to install, sounds great, and can save you money thanks to the reusable air filter and potential for better gas mileage. Other benefits include:

  • Small power gain – could be increased with a tune
  • Potential gas mileage improvement
  • Much better engine sound
  • Reusable air filter saves money
  • Extremely easy to install

Cold Air Inductions has been a leading manufacturer of sealed air box intakes since 2004. Our products are built to last and come with a lifetime warranty. Each kit is designed and tested to work with your vehicle.

Our real-world dyno testing procedures show real-world benefits. Get in touch with our team to order your CAI cold air induction kit today.

Metal vs Plastic Intakes: Pros And Cons

When it comes to enhancing the performance of your vehicle’s engine, upgrading the cold air intake system is a popular choice among enthusiasts. One of the key decisions you’ll face is whether to opt for a plastic or metal cold air intake. Each type has pros and cons, but metal cold air intakes offer a better solution for achieving optimal engine performance.

Read on as we explore the pros and cons of both options and explain why metal intakes are the best option. 

Plastic Cold Air Intakes

plastic cold air intake

Plastic cold air intakes are a popular accessory on many aftermarket auto part websites. These intakes are easier and cheaper to manufacture, typically using a rotational molding process. This process creates parts by pouring hot, liquid plastic into a mold that rotates, filling the void. While this process is inexpensive, it produces lower-quality parts which vary in thickness and can create air turbulence or reduced air optimization that can hinder any potential performance gains.  


  • Cost-Effective: Plastic intakes are generally cheaper to manufacture, resulting in a lower price point for consumers.
  • Lightweight: Plastic intakes are lighter than their metal counterparts, which can contribute to overall vehicle weight reduction.
  • Insulation: Plastic helps insulate against engine heat, preventing heat transfer and maintaining a lower intake air temperature.


  • Durability: Plastic can be more susceptible to cracking or breaking over time, especially when exposed to extreme temperatures or mechanical stress.
  • Heat Soak: Plastic intakes may suffer from heat soak, where accumulated engine heat affects the intake air temperature, potentially reducing performance gains.
  • Limited Airflow: Plastic’s structural limitations may hinder airflow optimization, limiting potential power gains.

Metal Cold Air Intakes

Chevy trailblazer intake

Metal cold air intakes offer a range of advantages that make them a superior choice for performance-oriented drivers. While they are typically more expensive than their plastic counterparts, better performance gains and a more durable and longer-lasting product more than offset that cost. Typically made from aluminum or stainless steel, they are better at shedding heat and can help dress up your engine bay.    


  • Durability and Longevity: Metal intakes are highly durable and less prone to damage, ensuring a longer lifespan and sustained performance.
  • Heat Dissipation: Metal efficiently dissipates heat, minimizing the risk of heat soak and maintaining a consistently cooler intake air temperature.
  • Improved Airflow: Metal intakes can be designed with smoother contours and larger diameters, enhancing airflow and potentially increasing horsepower and torque.
  • Engine Bay Aesthetics: Metal intakes often provide a polished and premium appearance that enhances the visual appeal of the engine bay.


  • Cost: Metal cold air intakes are generally more expensive due to the higher manufacturing and material costs.
  • Weight: Metal intakes are heavier than their plastic counterparts, which may have a marginal impact on overall vehicle weight.

The Superiority of Metal Cold Air Intakes

CAI intake

Metal cold air intakes offer a clear advantage over plastic counterparts in terms of durability, performance, and overall value. The ability to dissipate heat efficiently, maintain consistent intake air temperatures, and optimize airflow can significantly enhance engine power and responsiveness. While they may come at a slightly higher cost, the long-term benefits and improved performance make metal cold air intakes a superior investment for serious enthusiasts seeking to extract the most from their vehicle’s engine.

Why Choose A Cold Air Inductions Product?

At Cold Air Inductions, we do real power testing that shows actual power gains. Our cold air intake systems are built to the highest quality using OEM-quality fittings and retaining all of the original sensors. At CAI we’re Tier 1 OEM suppliers, and our kits include:

  • Inspection window on certain kits – great to check the reusable air filters
  • Powder-coated aluminum components to reduce intake temps
  • Perfectly insulated air boxes to maximize cold airflow
  • OEM-spec fasteners and connectors
  • Retention of stock OEM sensors

Cold Air Inductions has been a leading manufacturer of sealed cold air intake systems since 2004. All our intake kits are designed and engineered for specific vehicles to deliver noticeable improvements over stock performance and come with a lifetime warranty. 

Contact us to order your CAI cold air intake kit today.

DiabloFormula Racing Installs CAI Intake And Gains 14 RWHP

There’s no doubt that a quality cold air intake is one of the quickest ways to boost your vehicle’s performance, intake sound, and even improve fuel economy. But with so many systems out there it can be tough to know which one is best for you.

Sometimes you have to rely on the stats the manufacturer provides. But not every cold air intake is tested the same way. And real world performance doesn’t live up to the claims.

That’s why Cold Air Intakes does real power testing that results in real power gains. But don’t take our word for it, check out this video of DiabloFormula Racing installing one of our products and decide for yourself.

The TrailBlazer SS Cold Air Intake Install

DiabloFormula Racing has had some great results from Cold Air Inductions intakes in the past. So much so that they became a vendor for the brand. And seeing as they know just how good CAI cold air intakes are, Andy ordered a full intake kit for his girlfriend Steph’s Trailblazer SS.

Vehicle Specs

  • Chevy Trailblazer SS
  • 394hp 6.0-liter V8 (when stock)
  • K&N Air Filter
  • Rebuilt transmission
  • Stall converter
  • Modified headers and pipes
  • Upgraded cam

As a testament to how quick and easy the install is, Andy decided to do the entire job on a freezing day out in the snow. While it was snowing. Try that with a any other competitor’s product.

Cold Air Intake Kit Details

CAI intake

Every Cold Air Inductions kit comes with everything you need for a hassle-free install. And every component is built to the highest standards. We use OEM-quality fittings and keep all original sensors.

Andy also mentions the different styles of intakes available from CAI, with the option to go with a chrome or satin black finish:

“Personally I think the satin black finish looks better – it just looks cleaner because the inside of the engine bay is black and the cover is black – so that’s why we went with the satin black.”    – Andy, DiabloFormula Racing

CAI intake kits feature:

  • An inspection window to check reusable air filters
  • Powder-coated aluminum parts to reduce intake temps
  • Air boxes designed to maximize cold airflow
  • OEM-spec fasteners and connectors
  • OEM sensors are reused

The Install

CAI intake

“[The CAI intake] is a simple set-up. It literally took 10 minutes to do.”  – Andy, DiabloFormula Racing

To start with the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) is disconnected. The plastic engine cover is removed and then the original plastic intake cover is unscrewed. The Trailblazer already had an older K&N air filter installed which Andy removed. He also took out the screen from the MAF to further improve airflow.

The next step was to place the CAI filter and housing into the engine bay. Andy was surprised at just how easily it slotted into place. Bolting it down took just a few minutes and then it was time to fit the piping and connect it to the intake manifold. Then the vacuum hose was fitted, the MAF sensor reconnected and the plastic engine cover screwed back on.

The entire installation process took just 10 minutes. And the only tool required was a screwdriver. Not bad for an upgrade that delivers 14 rear-wheel horsepower, and improves the intake sound and fuel economy.

Give Your Vehicle The Intake It Deserves

Chevy trailblazer intake

To give your Chevy Trailblazer a performance boost, check out our cold air intake kits here:

Cold Air Inductions offers the Elite Series intake systems for the perfect upgrade from an OEM setup. For the biggest gains, you’ll want our Carbon Elite Series systems. Just like the one Andy fitted to the Trailblazer SS.

Cold Air Inductions is a leading manufacturer of cold air intakes. And we stand by our products with a lifetime warranty. Get in touch with our team to order your kit today.