2016 Camaro Gets An Intake Upgrade From Farmtruck And AZN

Most auto enthusiasts know that a cold air intake is a quick and easy upgrade to enhance your vehicle’s performance and improve the sound of your engine. The challenge is finding the right one that noticeably improves your ride. There are a lot of options on the market, but the key is finding a high-quality system that cools and improves airflow. Otherwise, you could be wasting your money and hurting your vehicle’s performance.

That’s why Farmtruck and AZN chose an intake system from Cold Air Inductions. In this post, we’ll cover the highlights of their install video and explain why you can count on our cold air intakes to improve the performance of your car or truck.

Installing A Cold Air Inductions Chevy Camaro Intake

In this video, Farmtruck and AZN install a new Cold Air Inductions intake on a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro with the 6.2-liter V8 engine. As they unbox and go through everything, they comment on the quality of the parts and how everything is well made.

“This [intake] is impressive…it truly is…the quality of this product is top notch.”


Even though they haven’t installed one of our cold air intakes before, they find it easy to put together. It takes them about 35 minutes to hook everything up, including 15 minutes of joking around.

After completing the installation, they take the Camaro out for a spin. Immediately they notice the throatier sound, remarking:

“Who needs a supercharger when you’ve got the sound of a Cold Air Inductions intake?”

Farmtruck & AZN

Performance Gains And Fine Details

camaro intake 

At the end of the video, Farmtruck and AZN point out how you can find lots of inexpensive cold air intakes. But if you want one that noticeably improves performance and is easy to maintain, they recommend one from Cold Air Inductions. All of our cold intake systems are designed and tested to fit a specific vehicle and provide a tight fit to keep the engine compartment’s hot air out of the intake. Additionally, each system comes with the following:

  • Inspection window on certain kits – great to check the reusable air filters
  • Powder-coated aluminum components to reduce intake temps
  • Perfectly insulated air boxes to maximize cold airflow
  • OEM-spec fasteners and connectors
  • Retention of stock OEM sensors

Installing one of our cold air intakes takes only 15-30 minutes, but you’ll immediately notice the improved power, sound, and fuel economy.

Why Choose A Cold Air Inductions Intake Kit

Cold Air Inductions has been a leading manufacturer of sealed air box intake systems since 2004. We offer a lifetime product warranty and do real power testing to ensure our intake kits deliver noticeable improvements over stock performance.

[Cold Air Inductions] is a company that’s going to spend the time to engineer the product correctly.”


We engineer intakes that fit your exact make and model and fit like a glove. Don’t just take Farmtruck & AZN’s word for it, contact us to order your CAI cold air intake kit today.


How To Increase Chevy Silverado Fuel Efficiency

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how to improve a truck’s gas mileage. After all, that’s one of the biggest downfalls of owning a truck. Most of them aren’t super friendly on your bank account when it comes time to fill the tank. In a way, that’s the unfortunate price of admission. If you want the benefits of a big truck (e.g., towing, ground clearance, power), you have to deal with less-than-optimal gas mileage.

While modern fuel-efficient trucks are getting better in this area, there are some ways to increase Chevy Silverado fuel efficiency, even in an older model.

5 Easy Ways To Increase Chevy Silverado Fuel Efficiency

There are several ways to tackle the fuel efficiency problem that most trucks experience. None of them will be miraculous – they won’t double your Silverado’s MPG – but if you combine them, you can achieve a noticeable difference for your Chevy. If you use your truck daily, you know it’s all about the small gains that, when combined, create long-term results.

1. Basic Maintenance

silverado oil change

Image Credit: PaulsTravelPictures

One of the easiest things you can do to increase Chevy Silverado fuel efficiency is just to maintain your truck well. When you keep up with basic maintenance (i.e., changing the fluids regularly, keeping your tires properly inflated, keeping air filters clean, etc.), your truck can perform more efficiently.

2. Install A Cold Air Intake

Swapping out your stock air filter with a cold air intake system will definitely make a noticeable difference in your truck’s gas mileage. (Check out CAI’s Silverado 1500 cold air intake kits here.) This system pumps a higher volume of cooler air into your engine, which increases the oxygen content and produces a cleaner, more efficient combustion cycle. In the video below by YouTuber Lonestar Hawaiian, you can see how he intends to tackle the MPG problem with his 2007 Chevy Silverado – by upgrading to a Cold Air Inductions intake system. Check it out:

In the video above, you saw that Lonestar Hawaiian was installing a cold air intake on his 2007 Chevy Silverado, aiming to increase miles per gallon. With his 2020 Trail Boss (which he already updated with a CAI cold air intake), he noticed a significant increase in fuel efficiency (16.5 to 21 mpg).

“When I installed the Cold Air Inductions intake on the 2020 trail boss I was really impressed with the quality of product, the fit and finish, and actually the performance that came out of it.”  – Lonestar Hawaiian

And remember Item 1 above – “Basic Maintenance?” With a CAI intake system, you get a clear, plexiglass window to monitor how dirty the air filter is and see when it needs to be recharged with a CAI Cleaner and Recharge Kit. It’s a win-win.

3. Reduce Drag

Most people don’t realize how much drag an average pickup truck creates when it moves down the road. This friction with the air makes the engine work harder. Installing a tonneau cover over your truck bed is one way you can reduce the drag on your truck. It will help you be a little more efficient. Plus, it keeps your gear or cargo secure and dry.

4. Use An Engine Programmer/Tuner

You can use an engine tuner or programmer on many modern vehicles, including the 5.3 or 6.2L Chevy Silverado. Keep in mind that when you purchase a vehicle from a dealer, the engine is programmed to perform at a level that will appeal to a broad audience. Mainly providing:

  • Soft, smooth shift points. Most drivers prefer this over quick shifts, even if faster shifts improve performance.
  • Fuel systems that are optimized to maximize fuel economy and minimize emissions, even if such settings lessen performance.
  • Shift points and fuel maps are both tuned for stock air intake and exhaust systems.

This little plug-in computer can help you dial in how you want your engine to run to increase fuel efficiency or power – especially if you’ve made modifications.

5. Slow Down

Yeah, it’s obvious and probably a little annoying to hear, but it’s true. When you hit the gas to hear that beautiful engine roar (especially after installing a cold air intake or aftermarket exhaust system), you’re consuming much more gas than if you reasonably accelerate. If you want to see a boost to your fuel efficiency, take it easy on the gas pedal – you’re probably not on a race track. If you are, well…then let her rip.

If you’re ready to install a superior cold air intake on your truck, trust Cold Air Inductions for the highest quality intakes. CAI is a Tier 1 OEM supplier manufacturing cold air intakes since 2004. CAI intakes are made from the highest quality materials and crafted right here in the USA, delivering real power and great quality. Shop Cold Air Inductions online or contact us today!

Camaro SS Intake Install By Hammerdown Motorsports

Cold air intakes are an inexpensive way to increase your vehicle’s performance while improving its sound. However, not all intakes are the same. The key is finding a high-quality system that cools and improves airflow. Otherwise, installing an aftermarket cold air intake may do more harm than good.

That’s why Hammerdown Motorsports chose an intake system from Cold Air Inductions. In this post, we’ll cover the highlights of their video and explain why you can count on our cold air intakes to improve the performance of your car or truck.

Cold Air Inductions 2017 Camaro SS Intake Install

camaro cold air intake

In this video, Hammerdown Motorsports installs a new Cold Air Inductions intake on their 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS. Previously they installed an aftermarket exhaust with long tube headers, so the cold air intake complemented that mod.

Right off the bat, they were impressed with the quality of the Cold Air Inductions intake system. They liked the build quality and appreciated the details, like the spacer between the intake and throttle body, which creates a vortex to improve the airflow. Overall, they found it easy to install and thought it noticeably improved the sound of the Camaro.

We’ve showed people what this thing really puts out – horsepower wise…it’s pretty impressive in my eyes. They really do make a helluva intake – I mean – it looks so professional…that’s exactly what everybody wants. This [intake] looks so nice and clean…like it came from factory like that.”                                   – Andy, DiabloFormula Racing

The Performance Is In The Details

There are many great-looking air intakes on the market, but nothing matches the performance of our intake systems. That’s because each kit is designed and tested to fit a specific vehicle and provides a tight fit to keep the engine compartment’s hot air out of the intake.

Obviously, you have to go to the aftermarket to get the care and detail [like you get] from a company like Cold Air Inductions. Definitely recommend this for anybody with an LT or LT4 engine. They make all kinds of intakes for every different make and model so definitely check them out.”                                                     – Hammerdown Motorsports

Additionally, each system comes with the following:

  • High-quality, reusable eight-layer cotton fiber air filter
  • Plexiglass inspection window
  • OEM-spec tubing for the crankcase breather tube

It only takes 15-20 minutes to install one of our cold air intakes, but you’ll immediately notice the improved power, sound, and fuel economy.

Why Choose A Cold Air Inductions Product?

We got [the CAI intake] installed here – it’s got the nice plexiglass window on the top to see if your filter is dirty or anything like that. It’s got the heat insulation inside the box make sure you’re not getting the hot air blown into your engine. Really, this thing is something that you would expect to be on a car like this – you’d think that maybe even the factory would have something like this.”  – Hammerdown Motorsports

At Cold Air Inductions, we do real power testing that shows actual power gains. Every one of our kits is built to the highest quality. We use OEM-quality fittings and retain all original sensors. CAI kits include:

  • Inspection window on certain kits – great to check the reusable air filters
  • Powder-coated aluminum components to reduce intake temps
  • Perfectly insulated air boxes to maximize cold airflow
  • OEM-spec fasteners and connectors
  • Retention of stock OEM sensors

Cold Air Inductions has been a leading manufacturer of sealed air box intake systems since 2004. All our intake kits are designed and engineered for specific vehicles to deliver noticeable improvements over stock performance and come with a lifetime warranty.

Contact us to order your CAI cold air intake kit today.

How To Install A GMC Sierra Cold Air Intake

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably at least entertained the idea of installing a cold air intake on a truck. To be honest, why wouldn’t you? It’s relatively cheap, it doesn’t take a lot of time or experience to do yourself, and it offers several benefits for your truck. Because of that, a new cold air intake to replace your factory air filter is one of the first modifications every truck owner should make. This article will focus on a 2021 GMC Sierra cold air intake install, but you can find plenty of other installs for other makes and models on our site or YouTube channel.

Check out the video above to see YouTuber Donslife walk through the process of installing a cold air intake on a 2021 GMC Sierra AT4 (6.2L engine). As you’ll see, it’s a smooth operation and results in a much better sounding, looking, and performing truck.

Cold Air Inductions Intake Kit

CAI intake kit

The specific Cold Air Inductions kit discussed in this video (Silverado and Sierra truck air intake) comes with all the pieces you’ll need for the installation. That includes the air induction housing, air filter element, PCV tube, inlet duct, and aluminum air intake tube. It’s compatible with 2019-2022 GMC Sierras with 6.2L V8 engines. Don had this to say about the construction of the CAI intake:

“About the construction [of the intake] – being aluminum, it’s less susceptible to heat soak. Plastic components tend to soak up a lot more heat so this [intake] is going to keep the air a lot cooler which means better efficiency and more power for you. Also the air filter element is not something you’re going to pick up off the shelf in an auto parts store. It’s very custom and it’s engineered to get the max air flow.” – Don, DonsLife

The beautiful part about this install is that Don is adding this intake to a truck that already has a Borla S-Type exhaust installed. Viewers get to see the results of combining a premium CAI intake with an upgraded aftermarket exhaust – a result worth watching – and hearing!

Benefits Of An Upgraded Cold Air Intake

GMC intake kit

The video discusses several of the benefits of installing a CAI cold air intake, primarily:

  • You can generally expect a 12 to 14 horsepower improvement after the GMC Sierra cold air intake is installed. You’ll also see a 2 to 3 mile per gallon improvement in gas mileage, on average. That’s always a perk when you drive a truck.
  • As you see in the video, the process is simple to do and doesn’t take a lot of time. If you have the right tools and 30 minutes to spare, you should be able to swap out your factory air intake for a new cold air intake with no problems.
  • Another perk that the video cited is that the design of our cold air intake utilizes the bottom of your truck’s air intake box so it’s an easier install and forms a nice, tight seal.

GMC Sierra Cold Air Intake Installation Process

Here’s the basic process for removing a factory air intake on your truck and replacing it with a high quality cold air intake from Cold Air Inductions:

  • For safety reasons, disconnect the battery terminal. This will also help reset your system.
  • Start the removal by disconnecting the existing PCV hose (using the push tabs).
  • Disconnect (not remove) the mass air flow (MAF) sensor.
  • Loosen the resonator and remove it from the throttle body.
  • Remove the top of the factory air box (making sure to save the screws) and remove the factory filter as well.
  • Remove the MAF sensor from the removed housing, being very careful with it. Install it into the new aluminum air intake tube supplied with our kit.
  • Attach the intake duct to the throttle body and loosely tighten it using hose clamps. Connect the PCV hose as well.
  • Insert the air filter element into the top of the air box (removing the protective film first). Insert the aluminum air intake tube into the filter element, and move it into place in the engine. Connect the aluminum air intake tube to the intake duct.
  • Tighten all hose clamps and screws.
  • Reconnect the MAF sensor harness.
  • Reconnect your battery.

It might look like a fair amount of steps, but the cold air intake installation process goes very quick. With a little mechanical experience and the right tools, you’ll be hearing your truck’s engine come to life with a new voice in no time.

DiabloFormula Racing Installs CAI Intake And Gains 14 RWHP

There’s no doubt that a quality cold air intake is one of the quickest ways to boost your vehicle’s performance, intake sound, and even improve fuel economy. But with so many systems out there it can be tough to know which one is best for you.

Sometimes you have to rely on the stats the manufacturer provides. But not every cold air intake is tested the same way. And real world performance doesn’t live up to the claims.

That’s why Cold Air Intakes does real power testing that results in real power gains. But don’t take our word for it, check out this video of DiabloFormula Racing installing one of our products and decide for yourself.

The TrailBlazer SS Cold Air Intake Install

DiabloFormula Racing has had some great results from Cold Air Inductions intakes in the past. So much so that they became a vendor for the brand. And seeing as they know just how good CAI cold air intakes are, Andy ordered a full intake kit for his girlfriend Steph’s Trailblazer SS.

Vehicle Specs

  • Chevy Trailblazer SS
  • 394hp 6.0-liter V8 (when stock)
  • K&N Air Filter
  • Rebuilt transmission
  • Stall converter
  • Modified headers and pipes
  • Upgraded cam

As a testament to how quick and easy the install is, Andy decided to do the entire job on a freezing day out in the snow. While it was snowing. Try that with a any other competitor’s product.

Cold Air Intake Kit Details

CAI intake

Every Cold Air Inductions kit comes with everything you need for a hassle-free install. And every component is built to the highest standards. We use OEM-quality fittings and keep all original sensors.

Andy also mentions the different styles of intakes available from CAI, with the option to go with a chrome or satin black finish:

“Personally I think the satin black finish looks better – it just looks cleaner because the inside of the engine bay is black and the cover is black – so that’s why we went with the satin black.”    – Andy, DiabloFormula Racing

CAI intake kits feature:

  • An inspection window to check reusable air filters
  • Powder-coated aluminum parts to reduce intake temps
  • Air boxes designed to maximize cold airflow
  • OEM-spec fasteners and connectors
  • OEM sensors are reused

The Install

CAI intake

“[The CAI intake] is a simple set-up. It literally took 10 minutes to do.”  – Andy, DiabloFormula Racing

To start with the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) is disconnected. The plastic engine cover is removed and then the original plastic intake cover is unscrewed. The Trailblazer already had an older K&N air filter installed which Andy removed. He also took out the screen from the MAF to further improve airflow.

The next step was to place the CAI filter and housing into the engine bay. Andy was surprised at just how easily it slotted into place. Bolting it down took just a few minutes and then it was time to fit the piping and connect it to the intake manifold. Then the vacuum hose was fitted, the MAF sensor reconnected and the plastic engine cover screwed back on.

The entire installation process took just 10 minutes. And the only tool required was a screwdriver. Not bad for an upgrade that delivers 14 rear-wheel horsepower, and improves the intake sound and fuel economy.

Give Your Vehicle The Intake It Deserves

Chevy trailblazer intake

To give your Chevy Trailblazer a performance boost, check out our cold air intake kits here:

Cold Air Inductions offers the Elite Series intake systems for the perfect upgrade from an OEM setup. For the biggest gains, you’ll want our Carbon Elite Series systems. Just like the one Andy fitted to the Trailblazer SS.

Cold Air Inductions is a leading manufacturer of cold air intakes. And we stand by our products with a lifetime warranty. Get in touch with our team to order your kit today.

Sealed vs. Open Intake Air Boxes – Which Is Best?

A high-quality cold air intake is a great way to add extra power, enhance intake sound and even improve fuel economy. At Cold Air Inductions we offer a range of great induction kits for many makes and models. But which one is right for you?

That’s the question we’ll be answering in this blog as we examine the pros and cons of our sealed and open intake air boxes.

Open Intake Air Boxes

An open intake air box design does not enclose the air filter completely. It offers more airflow than an OEM system as well as an improved intake sound. This design is the one many of our first-time buyers choose. That’s because it’s the easiest way to add more power and torque to your vehicle. Our universal fit intake kit is the perfect solution for anyone looking to upgrade their OEM intake system. Features of our LS/Coyote Universal Open Intake Kit include:

  • Engineered to maximize the airflow
  • Universal fit – Works on any LS/Coyote engine with a slot-style mass airflow (MAF) sensor and 4-inch outer diameter throttle body
  • Can be configured in several ways, making it easy to fit into most engine bays
  • OEM quality fit and finish levels
  • Includes thermal-coated tubing to limit heat soak
  • Fits several popular crate engines and swap motors – including the 5.0 and LS

Closed Intake Air Boxes

A sealed or closed air box design shields the intake system from the hot engine compartment. Our sealed air boxes are much larger than standard, to fit a larger air filter. We use insulated aluminum and more efficient tubing to enhance engine efficiency and boost performance. The gaps that normally occur around a stock heat shield or a weather strip seal are not an issue with CAI’s closed systems as the air filter is completely isolated from the hot engine compartment. Features of our closed intake kits include:

  • Inspection window on certain kits – great to check the reusable air filters
  • Powder-coated aluminum components for long-lasting performance
  • Perfectly insulated air boxes to reduce intake air charge temps
  • Precision TIG welding, OEM-spec fasteners and connectors
  • OEM sensors remain in stock

Systems Available From Cold Air Inductions

Cold Air Intakes

We offer two unique cold air intake systems:

First up is our Elite Series. These intakes are a great upgrade from an OEM system because they:

  • Are a bolt-on design requires no modifications
  • Use OEM sensors and connections
  • Immediately maximize airflow and increase power

If you’re looking for an even more unique upgrade, our Elite Carbon Series is our top of the line cold air intake and offers:

  • High-quality carbon fiber construction, aluminum fittings and stainless steel fasteners
  • A signature plexiglass inspection window for easy access to the reusable air filter
  • Easy connection to the stock sensors and connectors
  • A ‘no tuning needed’ installation

Which Air Box Design Is Best For You?

Horsepower junkies

True enthusiasts understand the benefits of an upgraded intake like those designed by CAI. Cold Aid Inductions Inc. is the leading manufacturer of sealed air box intake system for the 2010+ Camaro. even named Cold Air Induction intakes the “Best” air intake around. But, the final decision between an open or closed air box design comes down to what you want from your air box.

Whether open or closed, all CAI intakes replace the restrictive stock air tube with a more efficient tube. The air box is fed cool air through the same channel from the front grill that fed the stock air box. The important features to remember are:

Open Air Box Designs:

  • Offer improved sound over a closed OEM intake system
  • Tend to be more cost-effective than closed systems
  • Add more visual flair under the hood than OEM system
  • Can be affected by hot engine temperatures
  • Are very easy to install

Closed Air Box Designs:

  • Offer higher performance gains than open-box design
  • Are easy to check the air filter with handy inspection window
  • Improve economy and intake sound over an OEM system
  • Ensures intake air is kept cool thanks to the sealed design
  • Can be pricier than open air box option
  • Offer OEM quality and look

Give Your Car The Best Intake On The Market

Whether you go for the cost-effective universal kit, or invest in a Carbon Elite Series intake, you won’t be disappointed. All our products use stock sensors and connectors; no vehicle tuning is required. Installation is easy and can be done in minutes.

Cold Air Inductions has been a leading manufacturer of quality intake systems since 2004. And we stand by our products with a lifetime warranty. Order your CAI cold air intake kit today and experience the difference.

The Research And Development Process At Cold Air Inductions

When it comes to performance cold air intakes, you don’t want the same old heat-absorbing plastic system. You want a durable, solid (yet lightweight) system with an overall design that will keep the intake air cool as possible. That’s where CAI cold air intakes excel.

CA intake systems feature high-performance air filters, thermal-coated tubes, and insulated air boxes. All these parts are designed to specs above and beyond the industry standard. Our intake development process starts with CAD engineering. We use the same development tools employed by automotive manufacturers, but we don’t stop there. Read on to learn all about our R&D process, and why the end result is a step above the rest.

The Start: Design

Our process starts with a review of the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) air intake. We test it to identify flow restrictions and gauge how they impact mass airflow sensor readings. We examine the size and spacing of the OEM components and measure the airflow and air intake temperatures. Using what we learn, we develop a mathematical engine performance and efficiency model to guide product development. This becomes our blueprint for product development.

Up Next: Development

The next step is to prototype several potential designs and complete preliminary testing. The goal of this phase is to identify the best prototype. Once the best prototype is found, we then refine the design based on performance testing results.

While our exact testing systems and procedures are proprietary, we can share the three main types of tests we run:

  • Air Flow Restriction Testing: We measure airflow in several standard conditions (e.g., idle, 1/2 throttle, WOT, etc.)
  • Thermal Testing: We measure the temperature of the air flowing into the engine
  • Engine Performance Testing: We measure fuel flow and engine torque

Once a winning prototype is developed through the testing methods above, it’s time to start engineering.

As you can imagine, the test results depend upon one another. When airflow restriction decreases, or temperatures drop, engine performance will improve. Understanding the interdependence of these tests is one of the keys to our success. They provide the tools and data to model airflow and engine performance in a way that few other companies can match.

In fact, Cold Air Inductions is one of the only companies selling aftermarket air intakes and is also a Tier 1 OEM supplier. When automakers need a performance air intake designed, they call CAI.

Building It: Engineering And Manufacturing

The winning prototype then transitions into a mass-produced product. This stage involves turning the prototype into a digital model and developing tooling needs. The first few units off the line have to be rigorously tested. We’re not just ensuring the product performs like the prototype – we’re also focused on durability, fitment, and quality.

The Final Step: Production

Once the production samples meet our quality and performance standards, full-scale production begins. We start marketing the product on social media and alert our dealers about the upcoming product release. We also fine-tune the installation instructions and produce installation videos.

Throughout the entire process, we emphasize:

  • Reducing airflow restrictions to maximize performance
  • Minimizing heat soak. The air going into the engine should be as cool as possible for maximum density and performance
  • OEM grade fit, finish, and function. All CAI products are durable, easy to install, and trouble-free

Remember, Cold Air Inductions is a Tier 1 OEM supplier. As such, we have to follow a very rigorous design, development, and production process. The result? Guaranteed optimal fit, finish, and performance.

Which Cold-Air Intake Is The Best For Your Truck?

There are a lot of cold air intakes out there for your Chevy or GMC truck. And every company claims that their offering is better than the rest. It can become pretty difficult to pick the right one for your vehicle.

At Cold Air Inductions we design and manufacture top-quality intakes that do what they say. We don’t mess around with fake claims or hyped-up power figures. Our products provide real-world performance gains. Offer superb durability. And produce a great sound.

In this blog we cover all you need to know to make the right choice when buying a cold air intake.

What Does A CAI Intake Kit Do?

CAI truck intake

  • Increases horsepower – with proven real-world testing
  • Offers OEM quality or better construction
  • Available as a closed system design for better performance
  • Improves the sound of your truck

Just about every company offering cold air intakes claims power gains.

Often these are generic figures. Often times not even based on your specific truck. Cold Air Inductions uses a chassis dyno, flow bench, and computer simulation to develop every system. Our dyno measures power at the tires. Taking into consideration all the variables in a vehicle and drivetrain. The power figures you see are for your specific model of vehicle and engine.

No ECM tune is required, and the systems do not void the vehicle warranty. Our Cold Air Intakes for 2014-2016 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks can add up to 12 rear-wheel horsepower and 6 lb-ft. of torque. This is a “No Lies” power gain that customers will feel every time they drive their vehicle.

This is what one customer had to say:

…The product itself is very well made and I was impressed. It makes my truck sound better. I highly recommend this cold air intake.”

– Will F.

Another Silverado owner, Bradley H. loved the performance increase:

Very well built plus adds a nice sound. I haven’t noticed an increase in gas mileage, but I do notice a more responsive throttle and faster acceleration. Great product.”

Cold Air Inductions specializes in closed system designs.

This means our premium offerings don’t use the top of the hood to seal our air boxes. This offers more precise air and heat control. It also provides more consistent performance increases over an open system. Open systems may show higher power figures on a dyno, but that’s because the tests are done with the hood open. Allowing more air to be sucked through the intake.

In the real world, you drive with your hood closed. Gaps between the hood and intake box on an open system will increase air intake temperatures. This means you get less power when your engine is warm, or it’s a hot day. CAI’s sealed airboxes don’t suck in hot under-hood air. They are also heat insulated. This provides consistent performance and colder intake temperatures. Even our open induction kits are designed to suck in as much cold air from outside the vehicle as possible.

CAI intakes are crafted from the highest quality materials.

Our intake systems meet or exceed OEM quality standards. The airbox and tube are made from durable powder-coated aluminum. All the TIG welding is done by hand. Stainless steel fasteners and OEM-quality rubber and silicone parts ensure that each system will last a very long time. Every intake system is made with pride in the USA.

We can go on forever about the benefits. But we will let our satisfied customers do the talking:

“Super easy to install, clear easy to follow instructions and it sounds good. A super simple and necessary upgrade over a factory intake.”

– Chad M, Silverado owner

Which CAI Intake Do You Need?

truck intake

We stock a wide range of intake kits and filters for your GM Truck. Take a look at some of our most popular cold air intake kits:

Chevy GM
Chevy Avalanche GMC Canyon
Chevy Colorado GMC Sierra 1500
Chevy Silverado 1500
Chevy Silverado 1500 LD

Elite Series Vs. Carbon Elite Series

CAI offers two unique cold air intake systems:

The Elite Series is the perfect upgrade from an OEM system. The bolt-on design requires no modifications and uses OEM sensors and connections. It maximizes airflow and is the easiest way to add more power and torque to your vehicle.

The Carbon Elite Series is our highest-performance cold air intake. It is made from top-quality materials like carbon fiber and stainless steel. It features a closed system design to maximize performance. It also features our signature plexiglass window which makes it easy to see the reusable air filter. This design still uses stock sensors and connectors. That means no vehicle tuning is required.

CAI Has The Perfect Intake For Your Truck

Cold Air Inductions has been manufacturing cold air intakes for over ten years. We use only the best-quality components. And thoroughly test every system.

That’s why you can depend on us for the highest-quality air intakes in the industry. We stand by our products with a lifetime warranty.

Contact our team today and get ready to experience the CAI cold air induction kit difference.

Gearhead Diva 5th Gen Camaro Intake System Install

Cold air intakes can be a great way to boost the performance and intake sound of your vehicle. But not all systems are built the same. And there’s a lot of misinformation out there, too.

Installing the wrong cold air intake may be worse than sticking with a stock unit. That’s why it’s important to do your research. That’s exactly what Gearhead Diva did when she put one of our cold air intakes into her 5th Gen Camaro.

In this blog, we break down her install of our Chevy Camaro cold air intake kit.

The Camaro Cold Air Intake Install

camaro intake

Rachel De Barros is the Gearhead Diva. She knows plenty about cars and only installs the best quality mods in her builds. When upgrading her 5th Gen ‘Stormtrooper’ Camaro, she took to the forums to find out which system was the best for her vehicle.

She spent a lot of time going through owner stories, anecdotes, and product feedback. And found that only Cold Air Induction’s kits produced consistent results across the board. Dyno runs showed an average 15 hp increase over stock numbers. Not our figures but real-world results from customers.

The choice was clear; it had to be a Cold Air Inductions Camaro kit.

Why Choose A Cold Air Inductions Product?

At Cold Air Inductions, we do real power testing that delivers real power gains. Every cold air intake kit is built to the highest quality. We use OEM-quality fittings and retain all original sensors. Details of the CAI kit include:

  • Inspection window on certain kits – great to check the reusable air filters
  • Powder-coated aluminum components to reduce intake temps
  • Perfectly insulated air boxes to maximize cold airflow
  • OEM-spec fasteners and connectors
  • OEM sensors remain stock

The Video Review

Before Rachel delved into the benefits of our Camaro cold air intake kit, she noted that original stock intakes are, of course, specifically designed to work with other stock parts. While some generic, aftermarket solutions can actually be worse for your car’s performance, Cold Air Inductions Camaro intake kits deliver better performance.

This is because Cold Air Inductions intake kits are designed and engineered to work with specific year-make-model vehicles. They are also thoroughly tested to deliver improvements over stock parts by:

  • Reducing airflow restrictions
  • Keeping engine heat out
  • Increasing the cold air sucked into the engine

Rachel also mentions that the CAI intake has a smooth airflow pipe – this gives the MAF a clean reading. Resulting in consistent and reliable power gains. The large diameter air pipe is thermal coated to keep the intake air temperatures low.

The Power Is In The Detail

cai intake window

A visually flashy intake kit may look great. But it’s real engineering that delivers the results. Rachel reviewed the design details that set our systems apart from the rest:

  • High-quality 8-layer cotton fiber air filter
  • Perfect fit air box
  • Plexiglass inspection window
  • OEM-spec tubing for the crankcase breather tube

For starters, the air box is a very tight fit, preventing hot under-hood air from being sucked into the system. The 8-layer oiled cotton fiber air filter is also a cut above most competitors. It is completely reusable, and the Plexiglass inspection lid fits perfectly. Designed with handy push pins, it allows for quick air filter inspection. This is a feature of our top Carbon Elite Series kits.

Another unique component in this Camaro kit is the extra tubing provided for the crankcase breather tube. It even comes with heat shrink to ensure a perfect OEM-look fit and finish. She even used the original screws and nuts.

It takes just 15-20 minutes to install one of our cold air intakes. Not a bad trade-off for improved power, sound, and fuel economy.

Give Your Camaro The Best Intake On The Market

Our Elite Series systems are the perfect upgrade from an OEM setup. Check out this kit to get you started. Or get a Carbon Elite Series system like Rachel did for her Camaro. It’s our highest-performance cold air intake. And comes with our signature plexiglass window. Check it out here.

Both systems use stock sensors and connectors; no vehicle tuning is required. Cold Air Inductions has been a leading manufacturer of sealed air box intake systems since 2004. We stand by our products with a lifetime warranty. Get in touch with our team to order your CAI cold air intake kit today.


Cold Air Inductions On Two Guys Garage

A cold air intake provides a quick and inexpensive way to improve the performance of your engine. But not all intakes are the same. Many are made of plastic and absorb heat, which can limit or even eliminate any performance gain.

That’s why our cold air induction systems are made from aluminum to be durable yet lightweight. And they are thermal coated to limit heat transfer from the hot underhood environment. The quality and performance speak for themselves, which is why Two Guys Garage used one in its 2010 Chevrolet Camaro V6 project.

Two Guy’s Garage Camaro Cold Air Intake Install

When it comes to cold air intakes, you have two options: You can either install a plastic tube intake and shield it off from the heat generated by your engine. Or, you can buy an actual cold air intake, like one from Cold Air Inductions, which is already set up for your vehicle. That’s precisely what Two Guy’s Garage did with their V6 Camaro.

CAI is taking cold air induction kits to the next level…they’re really paying attention to the details.

Two Guys Garage

They selected one of our kits because of the quality and details, which they said we’ve taken to the next level. Those details include an insulated, sealed box that isolates the intake from the rest of the engine, shielding it from heat. They also commented on our thermal-coated intake tube and how we’ve addressed the heat soak issue that robs most systems of any performance gains. These details allow our cold air intakes to provide gains of up to 18 rear-wheel horsepower on a completely stock Camaro.

Two Guy’s Garage also liked the Cold Air Induction kit’s ease of installation, commenting on the details like the fasteners. Our cold air intake system directly replaces the OEM air box, making it easy to install without modifications. Even the OEM washer bottle remains in the stock location.

Selecting An Air Intake From Cold Air Inductions 

Our cold-air induction systems are designed to work for your specific vehicle, optimizing airflow with minimal turbulence. Each cold-air intake is engineered as a complete, closed system, from the aluminum housing to the air filter. That’s why we’re confident the power we claim is the power you will feel every time you drive your vehicle.

It’s a really nice, high-quality system.

Two Guys Garage

Since 2004 CAI has manufactured the highest-quality air intakes in the industry, delivering real, measurable power increases. Check out our testimonials and customer reviews to see what people say about our intakes.

Click this link to contact us if you have questions or want to know more about our products.