Hammerdown Motorsports Installs CAI Intake On A GMC Yukon Denali

There’s nothing like a CAI cold air intake to boost performance and unleash your ride’s intake sound. But don’t take our word for it. Rather, take a look at what Steve from Hammerdown Motorsports thinks when he installs our intake in his 2017 GMC Yukon Denali.

“This is a must-have for any vehicle.”

Steve, Hammerdown Motorsports

In this post, we cover his video review of our CAI cold air intake install. After all, the proof of a good product is how it performs in real-life situations. Watch the Hammerdown Motorsports video below.

The Yukon Denali CAI Kit

Aside from a Corsa Sport exhaust system, Steve’s 2017 GMC Yukon Denali was just as the factory intended. But it didn’t stay that way for long, as the CAI kit was the next upgrade for his vehicle. This CAI intake system kit includes:

  • Insulated Aluminum Air Box
  • Air Box Lid with Clear Inspection Window
  • Thermal-Coated Intake Tube
  • High-Performance Air Filter
  • Black Silicone Coupler / Stainless Clamps
  • Installation Instructions

After he unboxed the kit, it was time to remove the factory intake system.

Factory Intake Removal

Getting the original intake system off didn’t take long and only required a flathead screwdriver and a ratchet set:

  • First off, Steve unplugged the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF), removed some clamps, and disconnected a couple of hoses.
  • Then, the factory airbox was removed with an 8mm ratchet.
  • The lower section of the airbox was secured with rubber grommets, so it just required a good pull to get free.
  • Then, the brace over the coolant reservoir was unbolted (13mm ratchet) in preparation for the CAI kit 

Installing The CAI Intake

  • Once the old system had been removed, it was time for the CAI kit to be fitted.
  • The new fully insulated airbox went in first. It is designed to fit perfectly into the original airbox cavity, so no drilling or cutting is required.
  • Next up was the black silicone coupler, already fitted with the required stainless steel clamps. All the existing hoses fit straight on.
  • The thermal coated intake tube was then connected between the airbox and coupler. Steve also fitted the air filter before tightening it all up to ensure it all fit perfectly.
  • The final step was to refit the factory MAF sensor, fit the air filter cover, refit the brace, and tighten all the clamps.

First Impressions

With everything fitted, it was time to start it up. Steve immediately noticed how the intake noise sounded stock when cruising but emitted a deep growl under hard acceleration. The subtle vibration through the gas pedal gave it a whole new feel, too.

“That is a night and day difference.”

Steve, Hammerdown Motorsports

Steve loved how much better it sounded and commented that it wasn’t just great on his 6.2-liter Yukon but was a definite must-have for any vehicle. This kit is designed to fit several different vehicles including:

Upgrade Your Vehicle With A CAI Cold Air Intake Kit

“I can’t imagine driving the Yukon without it at this point – it’s so much fun.”

Steve, Hammerdown Motorsports

At Cold Air Inductions, we do real power testing and deliver real power gains. Every kit is built to the highest quality with OEM-quality fittings, and all original sensors are retained. We believe in our products, so we offer a lifetime warranty.

Our intake kits are designed and engineered for specific vehicles. This is why we deliver noticeable improvements over stock.  So, contact us today and experience the benefits of a CAI cold air intake kit.

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