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A common question we hear from new 5th generation Camaro SS owners is, “What is the best air intake for the Camaro?”. With performance parts there is rarely a blanket “best” anything, only solutions that are best for specific purposes and applications. There are dozens of intakes systems of varying designs available for these cars and it can be a little overwhelming trying to narrow things down, especially if you don’t understand what makes a good air intake.



The sealed air box design employs the same lay out as the heat shield and stock intake system but utilizes a sealed air box in order to avoid the shortcomings of the heat shield design. Gaps around a heat shield or a bad weather strip seal are not an issue with these systems as the air filter is completely isolated from the hot engine compartment. These air boxes are much larger than the stock box they replace and contain a much larger air filter. Like the heat shield design, the restrictive stock tube is replaced with a more efficient tube and the air box is fed cool air through the same channel from the front grill that fed the stock air box. Cold Aid Inductions Inc. (CAI Inc.) is the leading manufacturer of this type of intake system for the 2010+ Camaro.

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    I was wondering if you have a website containing directions to install part number 21157 cold air intake on a 2011 Camaro super sport 6.2

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