Top 5 Mods for Camaros

What Mods Should You Install First on a Camaro?

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New Camaro owner or simply looking to upgrade the aesthetics and performance? Here are 5 mods for Camaro’s that you should seriously consider as the first mods you install!

  1. Camaro Cold Air Intake- One of the first mods any 5th gen or 6th gen Camaro owner will install is a new cold air intake. Adding a new cold air intake from Cold Air Inductions will allow you to maximize performance, tested to as high as a 13 horsepower and an average of 11 horsepower increase! By far this quick and easy Camaro mod is the fastest way to increase horsepower and performance!
  2. Oil Catch Can- Stopping oil from getting into the intake manifold is cheap and easy with a quick install for an oil catch can. This Camaro mod reduces carbon build-up on the intake valves and increases air turbulence to improve oil separation.
  3. Exhaust System- Adding a new exhaust system to your Camaro might be one of the first mods you tackle since it might be the most noticeable and rewarding. Fitting the new sound of your Camaro to your preferences in terms of company and make of exhaust allows you to access several new tones for your Camaro.
  4. New Wheels- For an aesthetic look, the next mod you may want to look into is new wheels, as they can drastically alter the Camaro’s look. Wheels are one of the best investments you can make to your car in terms of attracting attention from a unique look.
  5. Body Kits and Ground Effects- If you want to take the look of the Camaro to the next level to match the performance increases and aesthetics like you have done with the other 4 mods installing ground effects could take the stance and attitude of the car. Side skirts and a front splitter alone can instantly change the Camaro to a very aggressive look.

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