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2016 Camaro Gets An Intake Upgrade From Farmtruck And AZN

Most auto enthusiasts know that a cold air intake is a quick and easy upgrade to enhance your vehicle’s performance and improve the sound of your engine. The challenge is finding the right one that noticeably improves your ride. There are a lot of options on the market, but the key is finding a high-quality system that cools and improves airflow. Otherwise, you could be wasting your money and hurting your vehicle’s performance.

That’s why Farmtruck and AZN chose an intake system from Cold Air Inductions. In this post, we’ll cover the highlights of their install video and explain why you can count on our cold air intakes to improve the performance of your car or truck.

Installing A Cold Air Inductions Chevy Camaro Intake

In this video, Farmtruck and AZN install a new Cold Air Inductions intake on a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro with the 6.2-liter V8 engine. As they unbox and go through everything, they comment on the quality of the parts and how everything is well made.

“This [intake] is impressive…it truly is…the quality of this product is top notch.”


Even though they haven’t installed one of our cold air intakes before, they find it easy to put together. It takes them about 35 minutes to hook everything up, including 15 minutes of joking around.

After completing the installation, they take the Camaro out for a spin. Immediately they notice the throatier sound, remarking:

“Who needs a supercharger when you’ve got the sound of a Cold Air Inductions intake?”

Farmtruck & AZN

Performance Gains And Fine Details

camaro intake 

At the end of the video, Farmtruck and AZN point out how you can find lots of inexpensive cold air intakes. But if you want one that noticeably improves performance and is easy to maintain, they recommend one from Cold Air Inductions. All of our cold intake systems are designed and tested to fit a specific vehicle and provide a tight fit to keep the engine compartment’s hot air out of the intake. Additionally, each system comes with the following:

  • Inspection window on certain kits – great to check the reusable air filters
  • Powder-coated aluminum components to reduce intake temps
  • Perfectly insulated air boxes to maximize cold airflow
  • OEM-spec fasteners and connectors
  • Retention of stock OEM sensors

Installing one of our cold air intakes takes only 15-30 minutes, but you’ll immediately notice the improved power, sound, and fuel economy.

Why Choose A Cold Air Inductions Intake Kit

Cold Air Inductions has been a leading manufacturer of sealed air box intake systems since 2004. We offer a lifetime product warranty and do real power testing to ensure our intake kits deliver noticeable improvements over stock performance.

[Cold Air Inductions] is a company that’s going to spend the time to engineer the product correctly.”


We engineer intakes that fit your exact make and model and fit like a glove. Don’t just take Farmtruck & AZN’s word for it, contact us to order your CAI cold air intake kit today.