Cold Air Inductions On Two Guys Garage

A cold air intake provides a quick and inexpensive way to improve the performance of your engine. But not all intakes are the same. Many are made of plastic and absorb heat, which can limit or even eliminate any performance gain.

That’s why our cold air induction systems are made from aluminum to be durable yet lightweight. And they are thermal coated to limit heat transfer from the hot underhood environment. The quality and performance speak for themselves, which is why Two Guys Garage used one in its 2010 Chevrolet Camaro V6 project.

Two Guy’s Garage Camaro Cold Air Intake Install

When it comes to cold air intakes, you have two options: You can either install a plastic tube intake and shield it off from the heat generated by your engine. Or, you can buy an actual cold air intake, like one from Cold Air Inductions, which is already set up for your vehicle. That’s precisely what Two Guy’s Garage did with their V6 Camaro.

CAI is taking cold air induction kits to the next level…they’re really paying attention to the details.

Two Guys Garage

They selected one of our kits because of the quality and details, which they said we’ve taken to the next level. Those details include an insulated, sealed box that isolates the intake from the rest of the engine, shielding it from heat. They also commented on our thermal-coated intake tube and how we’ve addressed the heat soak issue that robs most systems of any performance gains. These details allow our cold air intakes to provide gains of up to 18 rear-wheel horsepower on a completely stock Camaro.

Two Guy’s Garage also liked the Cold Air Induction kit’s ease of installation, commenting on the details like the fasteners. Our cold air intake system directly replaces the OEM air box, making it easy to install without modifications. Even the OEM washer bottle remains in the stock location.

Selecting An Air Intake From Cold Air Inductions 

Our cold-air induction systems are designed to work for your specific vehicle, optimizing airflow with minimal turbulence. Each cold-air intake is engineered as a complete, closed system, from the aluminum housing to the air filter. That’s why we’re confident the power we claim is the power you will feel every time you drive your vehicle.

It’s a really nice, high-quality system.

Two Guys Garage

Since 2004 CAI has manufactured the highest-quality air intakes in the industry, delivering real, measurable power increases. Check out our testimonials and customer reviews to see what people say about our intakes.

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