The First Performance Mod You Should Do On Your Truck

Cold air intakes are an inexpensive way to increase your truck’s performance, providing better towing and gas mileage while improving its sound. The key is finding a high-quality system that cools and improves airflow.

That’s why GuitarmageddonZL1 chose an intake system from Cold Air Inductions and says it should be the first performance mod on your truck. We’ll cover the highlights of their video in this post and explain what makes our cold air intakes stand out from the competition.

Cold Air Inductions Chevy Silverado Intake Install

GuitarmageddonZL1 installed a Cold Air Inductions cold air intake on his new Chevrolet Silverado, which was the first performance modification he did on the truck. In the video, he comments on the simplicity of the installation and the noticeable sound differences.

“The cool thing about this intake is it does not require a tune so it’s literally just bolt-on-and-go.”

– GuitarmageddonZL1

Our cold air intake not only changes the throaty sound of the V8 but helps the engine make more power. Each intake system is built for a specific vehicle, allowing it to provide the ideal amount of airflow for the engine. This allows more efficient combustion in the engine, leading to improvements in horsepower and fuel economy. Even though most V8 trucks already provide great power to the wheels, the extra performance comes in handy when pulling a trailer or hauling a heavy load.

Cold Air Induction’s Performance Is In The Details

There are many great-looking air intakes on the market, but nothing matches the performance and engineering of our intake systems. That’s because each kit is designed and tested to fit a specific vehicle and provides a tight fit to keep the engine compartment’s hot air out of the intake.

“They measure with a scaled 3D measurement, so it fits perfectly – it’s a tight fit because of that and takes some finesse – but once you get it in, it’s awesome. A perfect fit.”

– GuitarmageddonZL1

Additionally, each system comes with the following:

  • OEM-spec tubing, fasteners, and connectors for the crankcase breather tube
  • High-quality, reusable eight-layer cotton fiber air filter
  • Plexiglass inspection window
  • Powder-coated aluminum components to reduce intake temps
  • Perfectly insulated air boxes to maximize cold airflow

In most cases, it only takes a few tools and 15-20 minutes to install one of our cold air intakes. However, you’ll immediately notice the improved power, throatier sound, and increased fuel economy.

Why Choose A Cold Air Inductions Intake?

Chevy trailblazer intake

Cold Air Inductions are designed and engineered for specific vehicles to deliver noticeable improvements over stock performance. Every one of our kits is tested to verify performance gains and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Contact us to order your CAI cold air intake kit today.