Gain Horsepower With A CAI Chevy Camaro Cold Air Intake

Do you own a 2016-2024 Chevy Camaro V6 and want to increase your horsepower? Then a Cold Air Intake is the perfect upgrade for you.

Our high-performance intake has been custom designed for the 3.6-liter Chevy Camaro and offers OEM levels of fit and finish. Install it in minutes and enhance the sound and power of your Camaro without needing to modify the ECU.

Real Power Gains And Enhanced Sound

At CAI, we don’t just make power claims, we do real power testing on each specific model. We use a state-of-the-art flow bench, computer simulations and a chassis dyno for our power tests. You get an intake that been through proper dyno power tests for your specific model.

We have seen gains of up to 13 horsepower, with an 11-horsepower average improvement. That means an additional 36.9 horsepower and enhanced intake sound in just a few minutes.

Installation Is Easy

The 2016-2024 Chevy Camaro intake system comes with everything you need. Each kit is precision engineered and tested to deliver results. Detailed instructions allow you to replace your stock intake with our system in minutes. The reusable high-performance air filter can be cleaned periodically using our cleaning kit.

2016-24 Camaro 3.6L V6 Intake System Components

  • Insulated Aluminum Air Box with Clear Inspection Window
  • High-Performance Air Filter (CF-7322)
  • Thermal-Coated Intake Tube
  • Black Silicone Coupler and Stainless Clamps
  • Comprehensive Installation Instructions

Our intakes are easy to install, and they’re even easier with our included instructions (with photos) and the many installation videos we provide. Check out this comprehensive video on how to install your CAI Camaro cold air intake:

Tools Required

  • Ratchet and 10mm Socket
  • T30 Torx
  • T20 Torx
  • 8mm Nut Driver
  • 3mm Allen Wrench
  • 2.5mm Allen Wrench

Installation Steps

  1. Turn off engine and allow the engine bay to cool down. Then remove oil fill cap
  2. Disconnect negative battery terminal (10mm socket)
  3. Remove plastic engine cover (T30 torx) and loosen hose clamps (8mm nut driver)
  4. Disconnect PCV fitting, hose and sound enhancer tube then remove inlet duct
  5. Remove air induction housing clip and disconnect MAF sensor
  6. Remove stock air induction housing assembly (retain 3 OEM grommets)
  7. Remove MAF sensor from stock housing (T20 Torx) and install on CAI MAF tube (2.5mm Allen Wrench)
  8. Install performance air induction housing and air filter element
  9. Install CAI MAF tube (8mm nut driver. Dot must be facing filter)
  10. Reconnect inlet duct to performance air induction housing
  11. Reconnect PCV and sound enhancer tube and MAF sensor
  12. Install housing cover over air box (3mm Allen Wrench)
  13. Reinstall engine cover, engine oil fill cap and battery cable

The entire process can take as little as 20 minutes, and you should already have most of these tools in your garage.

Order Your Camaro Cold Air Induction System Today

Cold Air Inductions is the leading manufacturer of sealed air box intake systems. We offer a lifetime warranty. And we use real-world dyno testing procedures to deliver real-world benefits. Our systems fit without any changes to the OEM sensors or connections. Check out our range of high-quality Camaro intakes here. Then contact our team to order the cold air induction kit that delivers on its promises.

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