Back To Back Test: CAI Intake On A 2016 Camaro SS

Performance cars are built with high quality parts, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement. The sixth generation Chevy Camaro SS is already an impressive performer. It comes stock with a 455hp 6.2-liter V8 that can launch it from 0-60mph in just 4.5-seconds.

It can also cover the quarter mile in just over 12-seconds. That’s quick even for modified V8s. Bad Bowtie Productions decided to take their 2016 Camaro SS to the dragstrip to find out what it would do stock. Then they installed a CAI Cold Air Intake to see whether it made a difference. Read on to find out.

Stock Runs

First off, they did three stock passes to get a baseline:

  1. ET 12.03@116mph
  2. ET 12.01@117mph
  3. ET 11.99@117mph

The baseline average works out to an elapsed time of [email protected]. Those are pretty healthy numbers for a bone stock Camaro SS. Clearly the track surface and car were as good as it was going to get. The car was left to cool down for an hour, during which the CAI Cold Air Intake was installed. The entire process took just 15 minutes with basic tools.

It was then driven straight to the drag strip without waiting for the ECU to recalibrate to the additional airflow.

CAI Intake Runs

The Bad Bowtie Productions crew then did three passes with the new CAI kit installed and reached an average elapsed time of [email protected]:

  1. ET 11.91@117mph
  2. ET 11.94@117mph
  3. ET 11.93@117mph

Every run was quicker than the fastest stock time, and while the overall improvement was just under 0.1-seconds, that should equate to a 10-15hp increase on a car like the Camaro SS. Not bad for a 15-minute upgrade that also enhances the intake sound in the process.

The Cold Air Inductions Difference

There are plenty of cold air induction kits on the market. What makes CAI stand out is the attention to detail and quality of every product we sell. Every kit is supplied with everything you need for a hassle-free installation. We use OEM-quality fittings and keep all original sensors.

  • Inspection window to check reusable air filters
  • Powder-coated aluminum parts to reduce intake temps and enhance performance
  • Air boxes designed to maximize cold airflow and OEM sensors are reused
  • OEM-spec fasteners and connectors
  • Superior intake sound to OEM intake
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Real-world testing for real-world performance

Order Your CAI Intake Kit Today

Upgrading to a CAI Cold Air Intake is quick and easy thanks to our custom designed products and simple installation procedure. Our intakes are designed to last, and the reusable air filter element will save you money, too.  Our popular 6th Gen Camaro intakes include:

Whether you choose the Elite Carbon Series  intake systems like Bad Bowtie Productions did for their Camaro SS, or the Elite Series intakes, CAI products are the perfect upgrade for any OEM setup.

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